Debate Takeaways

1.  Obama was better than last time.  Much better.  Which is why he only narrowly lost this debate.

2.  Okay, we’ll wait for the polls.  Obama will probably get a bounce, but I think the momentum edge that Romney had before this debate will survive tonight, gain strength after the final debate, and carry through Election Day.  Here’s hoping anyway.

3.  Obama is a smooth operator when it comes to the controversial sideshows like guns and birth control.  On the economy, Romney schools him every time.

4.  I know criticizing the moderator sounds like sour grapes, but wow.  Every time Romney got a good head of steam going, Candy Crowley seemed intent on stopping him.  At one point when Romney had Obama backed into a corner I thought she was going to run out and cap his knee, Tonya Harding style.

5.  Am I the only one that noticed the split-screen cutting half of Romney out of the shot while he was talking so they could show a full shot of Obama sitting in his chair doing nothing?  Does each network operate its own split-screen shots?

6.  George Will has seen every presidential debate since Kennedy/Nixon in 1960.  He just called this debate the best one.  Ever.  That’s a statement.

7.  Overall grades:  Obama gets a B+.  Romney gets a 8 out of 10.  Romney by a field goal.



  • John son of John

    i did not like that the moderater threw romney in the water and dived back in to save obama on more than one occasion.

  • abadilla

    Mary, the troll said, “Thanks for a good laugh. Oh, you were serious? OK, that’s even more funny.” Does he not remind you of Biden? When he didn’t have a powefil argument, he simply laughed at his opponent!

  • Rich

    1) Organizing statements in Bullet Points does not really give you more credence, authority or make thinks more true.
    2) It is good that you admit that Obama won this debate, at least in terms of style. Romney did not have a good night. When he gets a bit flustered he tends to say things he later regrets.
    3) The only truth in your posting is that we have to wait for the polls to see if they record any movement that can be credited to this debate. But that will not just be based on the win/loss, but on the content as it is reflected upon and further analyzed. Many ae going to need to reassess what Romney has been saying about Contraception and Abortion, and now about his Binders of Women.
    4) The Romney Tax plan is still unable to be considered as it is fairly non-existent yet. If people elect him because when he says “I’m from the Government, I am here to help,” they beleive him, welll….
    5) The Romney Rithmatic is not going to be a cornerstone of the Romney Adminsitration Education plan. Many of us still complain about the “New Math.” Now we have ‘NoMath.”
    6) Romney had a head of steam? Well there were times when he did seem about to blow his top, and like he might resort to throwing blows, but I am not sure he ever really got reved up. The Moderater did have to instruct him that his time had ended more than a few times, but there was more to the debate than just his camaign speaches. It seemed there were honest people with real questions. I think that was the purpose and not the Mitt Romney Power Hour (and thirty minutes)
    7) Since this was posted within minutes of the Moderator saying goodnight, how much did you have written before the debate even started. It really did not indicate that you were paying any attention to what really went on, just a bit of hero worship of the Mittster. DId you have the grading worked out ahead of time as well? Of course, you could have been using the Romney Rithmatic, were you throw out numbers and then throw out a final number or Grade without worrying if they make any sense. You can always do the Mitt thing, and say,”Of Course they add up.” expecting everyone else to set aside their knowledge of the opposite being true, and just agree.
    8) That’s all I have to say now.

  • Jan

    Here’s what’s funny: Obama or his team can say whatever they want and if it’s found to be false, then “he misspoke.” If Romney misspeaks, he’s a “liar.”

    It doesn’t really matter who wins this election – the generation or two ahead of us have screwed us to the wall and it’s just a matter of time before we are history as a Republic. We can’t keep allowing the growth of a permanent, voting, entitled underclass of people – “OhGodTheRepulicansAreGoingToTakeAwayMyFreeGovernmentCellPhone! and complain because the people who are actually still working for a living are getting ahead, and then bi****** because there is wealth disparity.

    It’s over. I suggest everyone just hang on for whatever is left of the ride and maybe hope you were nice enough to your kids that they won’t be tempted to legally end your life when you can’t defend yourself anymore. You know – these same kids that you didn’t abort even though you could have.

    Time to remember that we were made for heaven and that our time here is brief. Thank God.

  • Colin Stevens

    If you’re saying Romney won the debate, why give Obama a B+ but Romney an 8 out of 10. 8 out of 10 is a B-

    • fr. merrin

      I could be wrong but I think the rating system was meant as a joke. Mixed metaphors=mixed bag. Saying that depending on how you count it, anybody could have won. Obama gets a B+. Romney gets a 8 out of 10. Romney by a field goal. Moderator gets two gold stars. Bo the dog gives it one paw down!



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