Dems to God: Just Kidding, Sort Of

The recent crisis of faith in the Democratic Party was as frightening as it was amusing.  Just to recap:

Democratic platform committee:  “Hey God, leave.”

Julian Castro: “God bless you, and God bless America!”

Michelle Obama: “God bless you, and God bless America!”

Barack Obama: “Hey, maybe we should get God back in here, you know, just for the convention.”

Democratic platform committee: “Thy will be done.  God, you can come back in for a while.”

Democrats: “Booooooo!”

Bill Clinton: “Hi, how y’all doin’?”

Democrats: “Woohooooo!!!”

There it is ladies and gentlemen.  Take two massive egos, no God, and a cult of personality devoid of any remnants of principle, and you have the beautiful, monstrous train wreck that is the modern Democratic Party.



  • teej

    You do realize that from at least 1856 to 1900 or so the Republican party platform did not mention God. Not once. Oh that Republican party, that party of Lincoln… a bastion of heathens? For what it is worth you can say the same thing about the Dems from about 1960 to 1980 or thereabouts. I am actually curious as to why now mentioning God matters rather than throughout most of the nineteenth century…. thought? anyone? Please don’t get lazy and dislike. Answer me. And if you want to fact check, here you go:



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