Denver Archbishop Will Say Mass for Broncos Before Super Bowl

I was already planning to root for the Broncos in the Super Bowl this Sunday, but this makes it even better.

Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver will fly out to New Jersey and celebrate Mass Saturday evening for Denver Broncos players and their families, reports the National Catholic Register.

Apparently Archbishop Aquila has been a Broncos fan for a long time.  As quoted by the Register:

“I have been edified by the example of many NFL athletes and coaches and their families who make the effort throughout the football season to attend Sunday Mass,” Archbishop Aquila said in a statement issued to the Register. “I enjoy sports, and I’m a longtime Broncos fan from when I went to school at CU [University of Colorado] Boulder. Even when I was bishop of Fargo, I followed and rooted for the Broncos.”

Go Broncos.




  • Eric Johnson

    Well, I guess God is a Seahawks fan.

  • MorganB

    The Seahawks are the underdogs and now you know why. Going up against Peyton Manning was hard enough, but when you call upon God, that ices it. I always root for the projected underdog. How can I root against God?



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