UPDATE: Dictionary goes ideological, slams those who “homeschool”


UPDATE: Dictionary.com has removed the offensive “recommended sentences” which slammed homeschooling. Thanks to all who wrote in.

For those asking, here was a screenshot of the offensive words.



Because of course a dictionary has to become ideological…

If you look up “homeschool” over at Dictionary.com, you get the following “example sentences” which use the word in question.

If you wish to teach your children such nonsense, then homeschool where lame propaganda can remain unchallenged.
If she can’t find anyone willing to validate her helicopter parenting, she’ll homeschool.
If you want to keep your kids from reality and turn them into mindless automaton copies of yourself,homeschool them.

My wife and I do not homeschool, but we know many parents who do. But, I’m not really offended by this. It reminds me of lame “home skool” t-shirt sold by J.C. Penney’s a few years ago. Both the shirt and this stupid dictionary entry are hackneyed attacks which say a whole lot more about the author than it does the subject of the sentence.

Maybe it’s as simply as someone at Dictionary.com who has an ax to grind. Did his child lose a spelling bee to a homeschooler?

h/t to @oddlysaid and @catholicmomVA



  • Caro

    I give props to all parents who choose to homeschool. It is a choice and a very sacrificial one. I too, would homeschool if I had the patience and didn’t have to work. I will pray for all the families and children whom God blesses with this path and lifestyle.

  • Bob Hunt

    I just checked the Dictionary.com website. The offending sentences are gone. Good.



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