Did Pope Francis Say Homosexual Behavior Is OK?

Short Answer: No

Pope Francis made some impromptu remarks for reporters while returning from World Youth Day, and now headlines across the mainstream media blare that he made some kind of stunning reversal of Catholic teaching. Earlier in the same interview, he half-jokingly said, “I think like a Jesuit.” True to the stereotype of the Society of Jesus, Pope Francis has a very logical mind, so we must pay careful attention to his words. What did Pope Francis actually say (emphasis added)?

When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem…they’re our brothers.

Pope Francis speaks to reporters aboard his plane while returning to Rome from World Youth Day. (AP Photo/Luca Zennaro, Pool)

Pope Francis speaks to reporters aboard his plane while returning to Rome from World Youth Day. (AP Photo/Luca Zennaro, Pool)

First of all, the supposedly provocative line begins with the word, “if,” and it’s a BIG IF. Most homosexuals do not accept Jesus’ teachings on chastity. Salvation comes from Jesus. Sin is a rejection of salvation. Adultery is a sin. Sex outside of marriage is adultery. The divine sacrament of marriage requires that one man and one woman vow their mutual love, fidelity, and openness to life publicly and before God. Therefore, homosexual sex is a rejection of Jesus. QED.

Some people with homosexual tendencies choose to accept the salvation of our Lord and maintain a life of chastity. This is the key to what Pope Francis is saying: people with homosexual desires who are able to exhibit this level of self-control should be welcomed as our brothers and given encouragement in their struggle. This is a very beautiful statement. However, it does not say anything about people who give in to carnal desires and live promiscuously—whether gay or straight.

Pope Francis does hint at this though. He says that the tendency to homosexuality is “not the problem,” which is to imply that there is a problem. There may not be an official “gay lobby” in the Holy See, but there is definitely a gay lobby in secular political life and it is viciously opposed to the Catholic Church. People who campaign for same-sex marriage or who objectify the human body do not have goodwill for us. We do not need to judge them because their actions speak for themselves.

It’s unclear whether the ellipsis indicates that Pope Francis spoke about any of this at all. He didn’t need to though. If you take his words at face value, he made a very powerful statement which encapsulates all of Catholic teaching on sexuality and chastity in a very simple and profound observation. He said exactly what he meant to say and nothing more. Liberal advocates of same-sex marriage—especially in the press—make a grave error by misinterpreting his words to imply otherwise.


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182 thoughts on “Did Pope Francis Say Homosexual Behavior Is OK?

  1. Ally says:

    Humans by nature judge. But it isn’t fair to tell people who are homosexual that their going to hell, because God is the only one who can truly judge us.

    1. a Roman Catholic says:

      You are right!! It says in the bible to leave judging, condemning, and persecution up to God. That it is a sin for anyone else to judge, condemn, and persecute others. It is a SIN!! The Pope is right. Who are we to judge?? All God wants from all of us, is to unconditionally love & accept one another as God has unconditionally loved & accepted us. We need to embrace each other just the way we are, and find the good in everyone. That’s it!! Leave the rest up to God!! God made each man and woman. God made us all!! He loves us all the same.

  2. Johny says:

    What’s your answer? If a gay person attending mass in our church, come before at the time of Holy Communion, may the priest give him communion ?

    1. a Roman Catholic says:

      Yes. Anyone needing to be blessed with the body and spirit of Jesus Christ should be!! Who are we to judge?? Is everyone going up for communion free of sin?? No they are not!! Why should they be given communion and the homosexual not?? It is not our Job to judge, persecute, and condemn anyone. That is Gods job alone!! We are only suppose to bring more people to God, by showing them unconditional acceptance, and unconditional love!! That is our job as Christians!! We are not to stop anyone wanting to receive the body & spirit of Jesus Christ & wanting to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We are to encourage our fellow humans to seek God!!

  3. Every time I try to stand up for the one man-one woman marriage, I am being shouted down. In fact, one nun told me that I was being judgmental! My God! A Bride Of Christ telling me I’m judgmental?

    1. Fran Helmer says:

      I would say that Nun is wrong…she is not teaching the right thing and she will answer to Our Lord when her time comes.

      1. stephen thompson says:

        so will you…and me…and all of us…I seem to remember Jesus saying something about planks and splinters in the book of Matthew.

      2. Salee says:

        Saying someone is judgmental in itself is judging. Why can’t we just all love our neighbor so to speak?
        We’re all going to be judged in the end. Best to leave it to God who has the ultimate authority.

        1. Elizabeth says:

          Personally, I love the use of blasphemy and putting down someone who has judged you… by judging them. Yes. Excellent.

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