Digesting Last Night: The Good, The Bad, And The Terrible [Open Thread]

A great deal happened last night so let’s just jump into it.

Before we get into my observations, you can read Cardinal Dolan’s letter to Obama about his reelection here.

I’m actually going to begin with The Good because it’s important not to lose sight of it amidst all this gloom and disappointment:

… and that’s really where the good ends. On to The Bad:

  • Obama won reelection with over 300 electoral votes. It appears that Romney won less votes this year than John McCain got in 2008 — a staggering figure.
  • The Catholic vote: Obama won self-identifying Catholics once again, 50-48. But in 2008 he won 54%. So a significant decrease. But in the end, all of this was not enough. More about this, well… for the next four years. [I’m seeing reports that Romney won the Catholic vote in Ohio by 10 points — bravo, Ohio Catholics!]
  • We lost all four marriage fights. The only consolation is that these fights all took place in deep-blue states, and that traditional marriage outperformed the GOP ticket. Despite the fact that we were hugely, hugely outspent (thank you to those who did donate!) our opponents only managed to score narrow victories. More from me on this soon.

Now The Terrible (in no particular order):

  • Obama’s win guarantees that he continues to influence the make-up of the Supreme Court. I can’t stress enough what a nightmare scenario this is. The Supreme Court is taking up the Defense of Marriage Act and same-sex marriage in their next term. We have to be praying for good outcomes in these cases.
  • Cultural intimidation against supporters of traditional marriage is going to get a lot, lot worse. And the media refusal to cover this persecution of Christians by gay marriage activists will continue. And the gay marriage movement will be eagerly searching out where their next targets will be.
  • This election is a massive setback for the pro-life movement, on about every level.
  • Obama learned that he could take on the Catholic church, take away its religious liberty, double down on Planned Parenthood, and favor redefining marriage and not pay a political price that threatened his reelection. He’s going to continue on this course and we must do everything in our power to resist him and his allies, who will also be encouraged and emboldened by this outcome.

The Takeaway(s):

We’re still processing what all of this means. I believe what Tom Hoopes pointed out and Maggie Gallagher wrote is largely right: Mitt Romney’s failure and the GOP’s failure to run seriously on social issues hurt them. Obama and the Democrats ran unabashedly on the “social issues” of abortion and contraception, and won when they did.

Politics matter. And if large swathes of serious Catholics and Christians refuse to get serious about politics we’re not going to be the same country in another generation. We’re already firmly on that path unless we wake up.

The Future:

Start planning for it now. Take time out this week for prayer, reflection and mourning (yes, mourning — if you’re not mourning today you have failed to grasp what happened last night).

And then we all need to get back to work.

The Bottom Line:

I couldn’t be more grateful for all of you who worked so hard over these past days, weeks, months and years. Don’t give up now! This isn’t our last rodeo. Shoulder on.



  • Jcdrexel

    Michael Voris Nov.8 Vortex is the way to go AmP!

  • doubledog

    Yea, double-down on more Catholic concern for power over the teachings of Christ!

  • MB

    When is the “America Forward” planning conference?

  • Mags

    We have lost the morals and values now and our country is different now, we won’t lose it in a generation, we have lost it now. I am so mad that the heirarchy in the Catholic church didn’t really work harder to prevent Obama from getting elected the first time around. Elections have consequences and I smelled out Obama from 2008. Now the church is complaining about what he did. It is terrible what he did to Catholics and the church…I am a Catholic and I understand that but the church did nothing to try to prevent his election in 08, so too late to whine about it. But I will always work hard to defend my faith and to defend life and liberty and religious freedom always.

  • JoeMyGod

    That truckload of jewel-encrusted Vatican money you dumped into four states was useless. How many of the victims of pedophile priests could have actually been paid their court-ordered settlements with that dough? Oh, well. The Vatican will just order those dioceses to declare themselves bankrupt in order not to pay.



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