Discussion: Spanish priest strikes parishioner for Communion blasphemy

Many of you have probably seen this exceedingly odd story to come out of Spain:

A Catholic priest in Spain’s province of Valencia slapped a young man in a church in the town of Rótova during a local festival on the evening of September 5. Believing that the young man had discarded a communion wafer, which the Catholic faith teaches is truly the body and blood of Jesus Christ under the mere appearance of bread, Rev. Victor Jimeno then threw him out of the church while denouncing him as a “blasphemer.” The victim, however, returned the blow. A local politician has called upon the priest, as well as the young man and his parents, to meet on September 7 to discuss the matter. [Continue reading the Spero News summary]

Margaret Cabaniss at Inside Catholic takes the story as an opportunity to have a mature debate about the subject of desecrating the Eucharist and the appropriate pastoral response.



2 thoughts on “Discussion: Spanish priest strikes parishioner for Communion blasphemy

  1. Diane at Te Deum says:

    CNA/EWTN has released a proper version of the story (there are many floating around out there which are incomplete and even errant).

    The priest apologized.


  2. Victoria Falls says:

    Heartbreaking. – and hard to feel charitable toward the young man.

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