Dissenting Detroit Priest Claims Immunity from Archbishop Because of Seniority?!

George Neumayr at CWR writes up this head-scratcher of a quote:

Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit will investigate a priest who said mass this past weekend at a celebration of dissent called the American Catholic Council, reports The Detroit Free Press. Archbishop Vigneron had warned clergy not to participate in the event.

The priest in question, Fr. Bob Wurm, 78, doesn’t sound very concerned and gives a novel reason to the paper for his claimed immunity from punishment: “I don’t see that happening,” Wurm said. “I’m older than he (Vigneron) is.”

Ummmm…. I hate to have to point this out, but Pope Benedict is 84, and the Almighty Triune God is, well, quite a bit older than that.

Let’s just count this as more good proof that one should never play the seniority game with Tradition.



  • Laura

    Mr. dissident seems to think that the Church works based on seniority, and it is a little bit more complex than that

  • Michael L.

    Thomas. Where have you been? I’m sure you know there is another attempt in NY to impose “marriage equality”. Yes, “homosexual marriage” is now being sold as a question of “equal rights”. Their supporters aren’t pro “gay marriage” anymore, they’re for “marriage equality”. Do I hear an echo in the room? Is this like “pro-choice” instead of “pro-abortion”? Who can argue against “equality” except for Catholic bigots? Right?

    Anyway, Maureen Dowd has dictated a hummer of an article on the topic — or off-topic I should say. You see for Dowd, Catholic and “p-phile priests” are synonymous. I have written my take on Dowd’s article here: http://publicvigil.blogspot.com/2011/06/dowd-vs-church-verily-verily.html

    See also Canon lawyer Edward N. Peters reply here: http://canonlawblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/oh-no-maureen-dowd-doesnt-seem-to-like.html

    Dowd’s article/op-ed is here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/19/opinion/19dowd.html

    Could you please lend us your inestimable word processing skills, and give us your thoughts on Maureen Dowd and her implacable campaign against Holy Mother Church?

  • Catholic Defender

    Hello Thomas, first of all, congratulations for one of the chosen few to attend the first ever Catholic Bloggers summit at the Vatican. That’s owesome.

    Secondly, thanks for the update with this issue of dissenting priest. I have heard it recently and I was hoping this priest had reformed. Good Lord, he’s not having another 100 years to leave a life of dissenting.

    God bless.

  • TJM


    The event should have been named “Parade of the Doubleknit Dinosaurs!”

  • Jen

    What struck me about the article at the Detroit Free Press was looking at the photos of the event. There was not a single young person there. I didn’t see anyone at all who looked under the age of 50. That gives me hope… the future of the Church is most assuredly in the young people and families! And we are orthodox, faithful, and “old-fashioned” by the standard of those aging liberal Catholics! God bless them… it’s sad that they do not see the treasure right in their hands.

  • Fr. Chris Fontanini

    It seems to be all about him-Fr. Bob Wumm! What an abuse of power!



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