Do You Agree?

From my syndicated column this week on the Virginia ultrasound bill, the HHS mandate, Komen, and more:

We are seeing this culture of death strengthen its foundations when we let bullies have their way with public policy and nonprofits and their corporate sponsors, and when the federal government tells religious Americans they must comply with a radical ideology or be fined — and mercilessly ridiculed, dismissed, or discredited, whatever the facts.

More here.

(Why the Saturday Night Live mention?)



  • Jason

    Who gets to decide what is a radical ideology? Religions? So can any religion opt out of any law because that religion finds the law radical?

  • sparch

    It is death by a thousand cuts. We have two people writing skits to be funny while those listening pick up the commentary on the news. The humor is childish and the insite coveyed in the humor is shallow. The Church becomes the victim in the end.

  • Joe M

    Thank you Kathryn. “those who resort to the most shameless rhetoric tend to win.” It’s true and can be depressing at times. What is a person to do if they want to advocate for something but have a distaste for the kind of scorched-earth dishonesty that “public debate” has become?



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