Dolores Hart — True Beauty

What a lovely story!  It is so wonderful to see such grace and beauty associated with Hollywood these days! Dolores Hart was a major movie star before she left the bright lights and glamor for a Benedictine convent in Connecticut called Regina Laudis.

Now, Hollywood remembers the toast of the 1960s in film with a documentary about her life and the contemplative vocation.

Please see link below.

This is sure to warm hearts and make this February really feel like St. Valentine’s Day. This 15-minute clip recounts her life, beginnings in Hollywood and her love story with God. Included here is the story of how she was engaged to be married, yet she broke it off to go to the Benedictines. He never married, still loves her and they remain “spiritually united.”



2 thoughts on “Dolores Hart — True Beauty

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  2. lee s says:

    I always heard about this lady. She left hollywood for a life of prayer and penance–now I know God exists!

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