Double Standard: Media Goes After Marriage Group, Ignores Planned Parenthood’s Government-Funded Political Activity

Last week the Associated Press breathlessly announced that federal grant money given to the Iowa Family Policy Center (IFPC) may have helped support –gasp– political activity to protect the definition of marriage in Iowa state law.

While unable to find any smoking gun or direct evidence that what the Iowa Family Policy Center did with its award money was illegal, the AP author Ryan Foley goes on to detail how the money was used to do things like pay for employee salaries, rent, telephone and internet expenses.

Why is this a double standard? Because I can’t remember the Associated Press or the mainstream media ever seriously inquiring into how Planned Parenthood uses its federal money. The IFPC was given a $2.2 million grant from 2006-2010, the AP reports. But official sources cited by Americans United for Life show that Planned Parenthood receives tens of millions of federal dollars a year. How much money exactly? No one seems to know — not even the U.S. Government Accountability Office!

Double standard? You bet. The mainstream media doesn’t even seem to care that no one  besides Planned Parenthood knows exactly how much money Planned Parenthood is getting from the federal government every year. All we know is that they got $363 million in 2009 from all government sources which includes state, federal, and local. I think this calls for an official audit, and one way to get there is for the mainstream media to demand transparency and accountability from the nation’s largest abortion provider.

After all, the simple truth is that federal grants are fungible, i.e., they go to support and pay for more than what they are precisely designated for (the taxpayer money Planned Parenthood receives in payment for “services” rendered acts as income which they use to support their other activities). This is the bait-and-switch Planned Parenthood always employs to claim that federal money doesn’t pay for abortions, when at the very least that federal money pays for all the other things that go into providing abortions, right down to the electric bill.

Check out some quotes from the AP article describing the Iowa Family Policy Center — I’ve substituted “Planned Parenthood” for the IFPC and some other details as well:

The $2.2 million received by the [Planned Parenthood] between 2006 and 2010 helped hundreds of Iowans receive [birth control and check-ups], according to the documents. But it also paid for part of the salaries of five employees, rent, telephone, Internet and other expenses while it was fighting [pro-life legislation and pro-life politicians] in Iowa.

Or look at this modified paragraph:

In the final grant year that ended Sept. 30, the group used $192,000 of the money to pay part of the salaries and benefits of five employees, including President [Cecile Richards], an activist known for lobbying and campaigning for [abortion].

One more, just to drive home the point:

Jeff Angelo, a former state senator who founded Iowa Republicans for Freedom, which supports [abortion], said he believes at least some tax money was used to further a political cause. “If you are putting money to support offices, phone and Internet services and the salary of someone whose main job is partisan political work, you can’t just argue in a very nebulous way this money was used to save [babies],” he said. “This doesn’t pass the test.”

Notice I didn’t have to change much in that paragraph at all.

Now let’s take a look at what an attorney interviewed by the AP had to say, and again do our little substitution:

Randall Wilson, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, said it’s important to analyze how the money was used since it is an example of President [Obama’s efforts to support the abortion industry], which helped [pro-abortion] groups receive government funding. His group has requested additional documents about the grant hoping to learn whether the money was used appropriately.

“The other thing is, during this grant time the group was working to promote an agenda that included their involvement in politics in terms of trying to defeat [pro-life legislation],” he said. “It becomes concerning, too, when federal money subsidizes or potentially could have been used to subsidize a political effort.”

Here’s the point: if the mainstream media and politicians are so worried about groups possibly misusing federal funds, when are they going to investigate Planned Parenthood? When are they going to publish an article on Planned Parenthood’s political activity?

While they continue to refuse to do that, I’m calling them out for being guilty of a pro-abortion double-standard.



  • Bern in RI

    Quite frankly, I don’t want any of my tax dollars going to either of these whacko right wing/left wing groups.

  • Sam Schmitt

    How can this be? The MSM assures us that the MSM is not biased.

  • MichaelL

    @Thomas. You probably know that Planned Parenthood has a PAC (Political action committee). Here is the link from OpenSecrets detailing their donors and what political candidates they supported. ( ) They spent around $500,000 in the 2008 elections. That money comes from separate donations. But the purpose of the PAC is to support Planned Parenthood which then gets money from the elected politicians that they have supported. Certainly Planned Parenthood itself is not a politically neutral group. The ultimate source of PP’s funds is Title X which is a “population control” law disguised as a public health law. If you get rid of Title X, then you get rid of federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

  • Catholic Newbie

    More important question: they used $2.2 MILLION DOLLARS to help “hundreds” of people? Even if I’m generous and say “hundreds” translates to 500, that’s around $4,500 per couple. That would fund a year of couples therapy. I think the cost/benefit ratio for this group is highly suspect.

    • Thomas Peters

      CatholicNewbie – have you even seen the cost per job of the Stimulus?

    • Whitney

      The kind of people who would go to Planned Parenthood for help, rather than their local Catholic (or even other Christian) parish, don’t deserve a dime from anyone. Yet this is the same subset of Americans that 0bama and his liberal cohorts chuck shovelfuls of money at – money that was stolen through taxation from true, honest Americans.

      • GREG SMITH

        Dear Whitney ~ Our small parish is deluged with all kinds of people needing help. A place to sleep, something to eat (We have Ziplocs with individual sized cans of food, juice and milk, a plastic fork napkins and hand cleaner) clothing and on and on. I’m sure some women with unplanned pregnancies show up and our staff helps them confidentially. HOWEVER: the solution is not, at least in most cases, at the parish level. If the dioceses and the American bishops were to support organizations like First Resort which was profiled here, PP would have many fewer customers. Pax tucem. Greg

  • Jared Olar

    What do you expect from a left-wing media outlet like the Associated Press?

    • Whitney

      Exactly. Just another case of the radical pro-abort liberal media protecting their own.

  • simon

    This is a 1 year old story that is being repeated again because this part of a political agenda by the Shadow Soros Media.

    If they were interested in truth, they just have to look at all the LGBT community centers around the country who receive federal money to deal with AIDS and then use some of the money to do advocacy activities in support of causes like Same Sex marriages, etc..etc..

    They have their staff involved i political activities. This happens also with state and local grant money.

    Politicaly, they promote promiscuity and life styles that are the cause of STDs, HIV/AIDS,Suicides etc..

    • Whitney

      When someone asks me if I believe that Satan is real, all I need to do is show them a picture of George Soros – he’s real, and walks this earth. George Soros promotes the worst aspects of liberalism to the detriment of all society. If it were up to him, heterosexual marriage (the only true marriage) would be outlawed, and Planned Parenthoods would be as plentiful as Starbucks.

      • Michael F

        Whitney, beware: Do not, under any circumstances, assume that Satan walks this earth. The consequences of such a situation are far beyond the capabilities of any person. If Hitler, Stalin, Nero, and any others like them were all combined, it would not come close. Do not play with demons, even in words.



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