Dubya’s daughter Barbara campaigns for gay ‘marriage’

Gay activists have recruited a new ally. Barbara Bush, daughter of President George W. Bush, agreed to record a commercial in favor of same-sex ‘marriage’ in New York.

In the commercial, she says: “I’m Barbara Bush, and I’m a New Yorker for marriage equality. New York is about fairness and equality. And everyone should have the right to marry the person that they love. Join us.”

We’ve discussed this issue quite a bit on CatholicVote. Again, gays and lesbians should be treated with dignity just like all children of God. But that doesn’t mean we elevate every sexual relationship to marriage.

But the real argument advanced by this commercial is the perception of inevitability. One of the principle arguments by gay activists these days remains: “In 20 years, this won’t be an issue. Same-sex marriage will be legal everywhere.”

Well, they said the same about abortion, which of course is still legal because of the Supreme Court. But people in the early 70s suggested that almost no one would still oppose abortion in 25-30 years. And yet 38 years after Roe, support for legal abortion is at an all-time low and a majority of Americans now say that they are pro-life.

I’ll give the gay activists credit, though. This ad helps advance their cause because of this perception of inevitability. And I have yet to see a child of a liberal politician come out in favor of marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

Still, anecdotes make lousy arguments. My mother supports same-sex marriage and I oppose it. Does that mean the youth will follow me and that the Baby Boomers are old and wrong?



  • Linus

    “Everyone should have the right to marry who they love?” What does that even mean? Brothers and sisters? Parents and offspring? Three guys and two girls? Can I marry the Dallas Cowboys’ entire cheerleading squadron? C’mon, I “love” them all. I see that she’s as much an intellectual powerhouse as her father. But then I’m sure when you’ve got a $100 million+ trust fund to carry you through life you don’t really have to care if society degrades and declines. I suppose she’s at least to be commended for obviously resisting the urge to have plastic surgery.

    • Bruce

      Homosexual activists are trying to destroy marriage entirely. In Europe, they are now looking to introduce multiple-partners as “normal” as well as “consentual” incest. Truth is truth, and lies are lies. The homosexuals are lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg when it comes to “equality for all” BALONEY.

  • Catherine

    The girls have obviously been greatly influenced by their mother and their grandmother, both of whom support same-sex marriage and abortion. Very, very sad….pray for their conversion.

  • MaryD

    Well, this explains why her Dad came out in the last 2 days and said he will no longer be political.He must be heart-broken.I will always support our former President who stands so proudly for the right to life.
    It is a shame his children do not follow in his footsteps.

  • Tom Crowe

    Dude. Did you just call your mom “old and wrong”? I hope she doesn’t read CatholicVote! 😉

    • Joshua Mercer

      Nah, my mother is of course perpetually young and wise in many ways. (Just wrong on this issue.) Just playing off the Boomer generational language. :)

  • Bruce

    Apples will never be oranges. The government can say that an apple is now an orange, but it will never be so in reality, and there is nothing that they, nor anyone else, can do about it. Oh, and if we are going to go ahead and change the meaning of words and reality irrationally (like marriage), I am now an endangered species of tree, and should be given food, water, care, and free land to live on for the rest of my life, and there is nothing you can say to convince me or the government who protects me, otherwise. If you try, it just means you are bigoted against endangered trees like me, and you hate all trees. So be quiet, you bigots, and let us trees just be trees.



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