Dueling Tours: First Photos of Pro-Life/Planned Parenthood Rally (+CatholicVote members sighting!)

As I wrote earlier today, Planned Parenthood has sent out their own “Big Pink Bus” to follow LiveAction/SBA’s pro-life bus tour around the country. Of course, us taxpayers are paying for the Planned Parenthood bus. (I’m calling it the “PeptoBus” – because what Planned Parenthood does should make us sick to our stomach!)

Here are some of the first photos to come out of their tour… as you can see, it’s a face-off:

CatholicVote members were on site, lending support to the pro-life side!

The back of the t-shirts are cool, too!

As you can see, this bus tour is the epicenter of the fight to defund Planned Parenthood nationwide and end their exploitation of women and children. So please, if you live near one of the upcoming stops, show up and show your support for life and for women!

(And when you do attend a stop, please send us your pictures and video afterwards!)



  • Fr. Joshua

    Ah! Taxpayer funded abortion bus! Is my money paying for this?

  • Michelle

    Just by de-facto, there will be more of us pro-lifers out there cheering on the Expose Planned Parenthood campaign because, well, we are alive in greater numbers.

  • Erin

    So the PP bus is literally following the pro-life bus around, even parking three feet behind it??? That is crazy… and makes them look desperate.

    • Randy Dziak

      Actually the PP bus was there first but we still showed them up!They were really angry at us and thier speakers were absurd. We had some really inspiring and influential speakers on the pro-life side!

  • Jo Ryan

    I agree with Joshua. Since when did being pregnant become a medical condition.Children are persons made in the image and likness of God.
    Having worked as an R.N.for over thirty three years, many of those years spent in labor and delivery section of the hospitals and I have yet to see a mother after delivery that did not want to see her baby.
    Basic health services also belong to the baby. Killing certainly is not basic health.

    • Jennifer

      While I completely agree with you, I just wanted to point out that technically being pregnant *is* a medical condition. A positive one, and in my opinion a blessing as well, but still a medical condition. I’m sure what you were trying to say is that being pregnant isn’t some disease or impairment that needs to be “fixed” by a doctor, like say having a broken arm or worse yet having cancer. Just wanted to hopefully clarify that point (if I got your meaning right) before someone who is pro-abortion tries to use that against you.

  • Nan

    Abortion isn’t healthcare, it’s murder. Denying Federal funding to Planned Parenthood is different than denying healthcare; with the exception of abortions, all services that Planned Parenthood provides can be obtained through other means. Other programs provide free healthcare to women, other programs provide free counseling to women. Abortions are available through agencies not supported by taxpayers. Taxes should not go to support baby-cide.

  • James D

    looks cold trying to deny basic health services to your fellow Americans.

    • Joshua Mercer

      An abortion is not a basic health service. It involves its destruction. Question: Would Planned Parenthood stop doing abortions in order to receive such funding? They’ve never been asked before. I suspect they wouldn’t because abortion is central to their mission. But hey, let’s find out, right?

    • Slats

      Who’s doing what matters. Hitler got Germany back on its feet economically. A country being on its economic feet is good. Planned Parenthood provides many helpful health services. Helpful health services are good. Of course, there’s the little problem of, in the case of the former, the Holocaust and ruthlessly conquering one’s neighbors, and in the case of the latter, racist ideology and the new holocaust of abortion, which is the outrageous opposite of “basic health services.” Does it have to be a Hitler-type to get a country on its economic feet? Does it have to be ghoulish, pimp-and-rapist-protecting Planned Parenthood that provides basic health services (which must radically exclude abortion)? If one argues as such, one has got into ideological bed with those who are truly, truly evil.



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