Ecumenical Effort

We have allies in the Mormon faith in defending marriage — not just politically, but building a culture that values and supports it. Here’s a report on an LDS gathering in Salt Lake City:

During the morning session, LDS apostle Boyd K. Packer reminded listeners that the “creation of life is a great responsibility for a married couple.”

Children are meant to have two parents — a father and a mother, Packer said. “No other pattern or process can replace this one.”

Speaking from his chair, the 87-year-old church leader, who heads the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, told the story of a college student who had an abortion and then later married the young man who had fathered the child. The couple went on to have other children, but mourned the loss of that one.

“She told me how tormented she now was to look at her family, her beautiful children, and see in her mind the empty place where that one child was missing,” Packer continued. “If this couple understands and applies the atonement [of Jesus Christ], they will know that those experiences and the pain connected with them can be erased. … Repentance and the lasting hope that forgiveness brings will always be worth the effort.”

The senior apostle’s remarks come in the wake of the Utah Legislature mandating a three-day waiting period before a woman can have an abortion.

Packer, touting the precious moments of home life, also urged church leaders to beware of overextending parents with church responsibilities and instead allow them to spend more time with their families.

As Cardinal Dolan touched on in that WSJ interview: We best be doing that work, everyone of us who calls himself Catholic. Truly supporting life and marriage.

The pope’s Lenten message is a good place to start, or restart, in this effort.



  • Randall

    No no no no, do NOT support the heathen heretical CULT of Mormonism. I am embarassed that this website first gave a half hearted effort to support Rick Santorum, and now that there is a good chance he won’t win, it’s like “ok, time to switch gears and fall in love with Romney”. Even though you shoould have been doing nothing but attacking him from the start due to his freak religious views. This is first and foremost a Republican Catholic website and I agree with that, every Catholic should be voting straight R on every ticket because every Democrat is damnable. But it shames me that Mitt Romney, follower of a false god, is so easily lauded on this site. May God have mercy on your souls.

  • Cindy

    Uncritically quoting an “apostle” of a false religion on a Catholic site? Mormons may like traditional families and they may try to talk Christian-speak, but please do not uncritically quote their Christianese without some explication of what they actually mean by it. They are not another brand of Protestant. They are a completely different religion that is antithetical to Catholicism and any other form of Christianity that possesses legitimate baptism… no matter how many code words like “atonement” they try to hide behind.

  • disappointed

    Mormons defending what kind of marriage?

    I’m disappointed by the lack of loyalty to Santorum on this website.



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