Election Alert! Shift the Balance of Power in Iowa Next Tuesday!

In his iconic movie role as World War 2 military hero General George Patton, actor George C. Scott delivered this memorable advice to his American soldiers:

Now there’s another thing I want you to remember. I don’t want to get any messages saying that “we are holding our position.” We’re not holding anything. Let the [enemy] do that. We are advancing constantly and we’re not interested in holding onto anything except the enemy.

So it should go in the battle to create a culture of life and protect the institution of marriage. Next Tuesday, Nov. 8th, we have a chance to shift the balance of power in the Iowa Senate and go on offense.

Currently Democrats control Iowa politics with a 26-24 majority in the Senate.

But if Republican Cindy Golding defeats Democrat Liz Mathis in the special election in Iowa’s 18th Senate Seat District (which includes the area to the north and east of Cedar Rapids), the balance of power will be shared and we will again have a chance to introduce pro-life, pro-family legislation.

Currently the Democrat Senate majority leader is blocking all efforts to pass pro-life legislation, and to allow the people to vote on the definition of marriage (Iowa judges imposed gay marriage on the state in 2009).

Planned Parenthood is already involved in this race supporting the pro-abortion Democrat Liz Mathis. On the other hand, The National Organization for Marriage (where I work) is already involved in this race supporting the Republican Cindy Golding who supports allowing the people of Iowa to vote to overturn gay marriage.

Small local elections such as these are won and lost with a very small number of votes. Those of us who live in the district or who live near the district can help swing the election our way. Absentee voting has already begun, so there’s no time to lose!

I urge you to visit the Cindy Golding campaign website to see how you can help elect her. If you live in the district, vote for her. If you know people who do, talk to them about voting for her. If you live near the district, consider volunteering your time to help the get out the vote effort. If you live far away, support her financially, and pray for a good outcome.

Together, we can take back ground. No more holding our position!



  • Adam P.


    I enjoyed the reference to George C. Scott. It was well received and relevant to the post. As Catholic voters we do need to push hard for what we believe. The unborn and famalies deserve no less.


  • Maxine

    Nothing says pro-family like being against scholarships for LGBT students. After all, why should we let gay people in our schools?


    • James

      Maxine, kindly troll somewhere else.
      How is being FOR LGBT scholarships PRO-family ? Why should someone’s (unnatural, by the way) sexual orientation give them a special “in” ? Is there a shortage of homosexuals in colleges now ? We need MORE exposure to gay propaganda so we can be “well-rounded” ? Puh-leeese.



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