Elvis, Eric Clapton and Justin Bieber Sing to Our Lady


It’s May, Mary’s month. Statues of Our Lady are crowned with spring flowers, and Catholic families are saying the family Rosary every day, as Pope Francis recommended.

What better time to share pop songs about Our Lady?

Let’s start with the the King of Rock-n-Roll, Elvis Presley. Here is his great old song “Miracle of the Rosary,” a favorite in the Hoopes household. This version has the lyrics, helpfully, in English and Portuguese.

Next, let’s fast forward to the 1980s and turn to a man who briefly inspired idolatry in the 1960s (“Clapton is God,” said London graffiti). Here is Eric Clapton’s “Holy Mother,” with help from Phil Collins. (In an interview, Clapton said he didn’t know who the “Holy Mother” was. Fair enough. We do.)

Last, to bring us to modern times, here is Justin Bieber singing “Silent Night.” I know it’s a bit of a cheat to use a Christmas song that mentions Our Lady, but it’s actually a nice version. Enjoy.

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