Pro-Life Progress in WI, IN, NC, KS, TX, UT & SC — Bring It To Your State Next!

My inbox has been filling-up this week with good news for the pro-life movement.

Wisconsin has become the 4th state to cut Planned Parenthood Funding (following Indiana, North Carolina, and Kansas).

(Which leads to the question: “where is my state with defunding Planned Parenthood?” — I’d recommend checking into it!)

Plus, the Texas Alliance for Life reports that the Texas House and Senate have now passed a bill to “defund Planned Parenthood of $34 million or more over the next two years, blocks tax-payer funding of elective abortions, and promotes adult stem cell treatments in Texas.”

I believe the bill will now go to Texas Governor Rick Perry (and potential Republican presidential nominee) for his prompt signature.

All of this progress, of course, is not being unnoticed by the fierce proponents of abortion (and of public money going to abortion providers), starting with Planned Parenthood, natch. Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life explains some of the legal counter-attacks Planned Parenthood is employing to slow down this pro-life progress in newly-passed state laws.

Kate Sheppard, a pro-abortion feminist writer, explains other new pro-life strategies, and notes how Virginia and Utah have joined South Carolina and Indiana this year in introducing new regulations that apply to abortion clinics and providers. Previously abortion clinics and providers have conducted their affairs with less regulation that other out-patient clinics that do not perform abortions. Sheppard and her ilk are, in other words, in favor of abortion clinics getting a free pass when it comes to health inspections.

In Pennsylvania Catholic Conference asks, “Should abortion clinics be held to the same standards as other surgical facilities?” (If you live in Pennsylvania and agree the answer should be YES, take action here. A bill to do just that is getting very close to final passage.)

For those of us living in other states besides PA, I would encourage you to visit your state’s Catholic Conference website or state-level pro-life organization (most can be found easily through a Google search) and see what pro-life bills are currently being debated where you live. Next, take a few moments and call and/or email your legislators and ask them to vote YES on these proposed pro-life laws.

And don’t forget — so much of this pro-life success is directly due to the Republican victories Catholics help secured in state houses across the country in November of 2010. Elections really do have consequences — in the case of 2010, positive consequences for the cause of the unborn! If your state is still majority-controlled by pro-abortion politicians, it’s time to get serious about supporting pro-life politicians to replace them in November of 2012.

I tend to focus my reporting on what is happening on the national level, but the number and variety of pro-life measures making progress in the states make this truly a national phenomenon!

So let’s praise God and get after it!



  • Davide

    Bravo! Can’t you imagine the day when mothers and abortionist stop killing the yet to be born child? What a party that will be! I’ll bring the wine (beer), non-alcoholic beverages and pizza’s!



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