Everything Old Is New Again

On MSNBC, Chris Matthews calls Catholics, like Mormons, “cultists”:

[The Republican primaries] have three, or two RCs—Roman Catholics running and a Mormon so the three cultists running. I have to pick one of the three cultists as they see them. This isn’t as funny as I’m making it.

We really are back in 1875, with the anti-Catholic Blaine Amendment to the Constitution barely failing to pass the Senate—and finding its way, through the “mini-Blaine Amendments,” into many state constitutions. The return of open anti-Catholicism in recent years has to be one of the most astonishing historical events in our lifetimes.

“This isn’t as funny as I’m making it,” Matthews observes. And he’s right about that, at least.

One thought on “Everything Old Is New Again

  1. GREG SMITH says:

    Dear Joseph — Whoaa Nellie! Matthews was speaking in the voice of deep South, fundamentalist Protestants who consider our faith, as well as that of the Mormons, “cults.” He was not speaking for himself and, in fact, seems to be objecting to the modern day Blainests. The problem of this kind of religious bigotry is very real. Pax tecum, Greg PS: Here’s to CV endorsing Jon Huntsman in 2016!

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