“Evil will retreat if enough of us stand up and say, ‘ENOUGH!'”

Father Terence Henry, TOR, president of Franciscan University of Steubenville, got more than one spontaneous ovation during this stirring homily regarding a Catholic’s (really, every Christian’s) duty to be a witness for Christ during the “interesting times” in which we find ourselves.

In sum, to quote Chesterton (it is Father Henry), “You can no more have a private religion than a private sun, or moon.”

He quotes Philly’s Archbishop Chaput, Bishop Jenke of Peoria, G. K. Chesterton, and Churchill’s “finest hour” speech, and the Declaration of Independence.

This homily, from Mass at this summer’s Defending the Faith Conference on campus here at Franciscan (where I work), followed not too long after Franciscan University filed suit in federal court against the HHS mandate.

The “tsunami” of secularism we face today, Father Henry explains, demands that we be bold witnesses for Christ, remembering that He, Jesus Christ, is the alpha and the omega of time. “Christ wins, Christ reigns, Christ commands.”

But even though we know that Christ wins in the end, that does not mean we can sit in our rocking chairs and wait for the end of time. We live in the now, we must act in the now. Our duty is to bring souls to Christ, and a government that hampers this mission loses its legitimacy.

He quotes Archbishop Chaput’s homily at the end of the Fortnight for Freedom:

You and I are responsible for this moment. Today. Now. We need to speak out. Not only for reel liberty and the ideals of the nation w love, but for the sacredness of life, and the dignity of the human person. In other words, for the truth of what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God.

Father Henry continued: “That is what a witness does, and does is boldly and courageously. [Archbishop Chaput] says this: ‘We need to be witnesses of that truth, and not only in deed.'”

Our government is, at present, intent on taking away God-given rights, among them the freedom of religion. The government is acting as though it, and not God, bestows these rights rather than guarantees and protects them.

Father Henry again quotes Archbishop Chaput,

Real freedom is not something Caesar can give or take away. He can interfere with it, but when he does he steals from his own legitimacy. His actions make him illegitimate when he robs us of unalienable rights that God bestowed upon us.

The Christian must oppose all efforts of the government to supplant God by claiming that the rights God gave us are beneficences with which the government privileges us. To fail to do so is a failure in one’s duty as a Christian to be a witness for Christ and a protector of the freedoms God wrote into the fabric of humanity.

The Gospel reading for the day was the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. He used the Apostles’ unimaginative incredulity at what the Lord was telling them to do as an example that if we are Christ’s witnesses (which we are if we are Christian) we can always do *something,* and usually more than we thought possible. We have only to work for the genuine good and allow Christ to work through us.

Father Terry closed:

Let us realize: we are not alone, and let us realize that in the end of history it will come out alright, but what is important is that we are not in charge of the end of history, we must act in the now. Let us be resolved that we will act. Let us implore God to send his Holy Spirit upon us, and let us get out there and be His witnesses, and let this be our finest hour.




87 thoughts on ““Evil will retreat if enough of us stand up and say, ‘ENOUGH!'”

  1. abadilla says:

    I find it curious that “assessments” are applied to me, but somehow those types of assessments are never applied to the trolls who come in here to spread their confusion.

  2. abadilla says:

    Father Terence Henry, has it right and I would rather listen to this minister of Christ than others who continue to deny we have to defend our religious principles, and there are folks here calling themselves Catholic, and hypocritically demanding that others be “nice” at the same time that the troll is anything but “nice” to other people who differ with him. He alone knows the Gospel. He alone knows what the Church is all about. He alone knows who Thomas is. He alone believes CV has nothing to do with Catholicism. Such arrogance I have rarely read in posts.
    “As Christians we must stand up for what we believe…” said Father Terence Henry and precisely because we do just that, we have trolls coming to CV to put us down.

    1. John200 says:

      If you stick around (I hope you will), you will see this sort of arrogance frequently. Don’t let the trolls get bother you. They are part of the deal on these comboxes.

      Nice to meet you at CV.

      1. abadilla says:

        Thank you John200. I have no intention of leaving and will voice my feelings anytime the trolls write some stupidity.
        Nice meeting you too.

    2. Rich says:

      You can keep the Gospel of Fr Henry.
      I will take Jesus any day.

  3. Rich says:

    He launched from the story of the feeding of the thousands to make it sound as if Jesus was doing some political action? Is this more of the “God get out of the way, we have a Church to Run” Philosophy, where even scripture can become a tool for partisan endorsement?
    Maybe he could have talked about not having a private religion by recognizing our need to follow Jesus example by feeding the poor, and recognizing the neediness of the people. Of course the redistributing of the loaves and fishes would probably seen as a communist attempt by some. And of course Jesus was running around whining all the time about who his religious freedom was under attack, he was too busy doing the will of the Father. How anti-Catholic of him.

    1. Joe M says:

      Rich. Are you seriously suggesting that the life of Jesus did not involve standing up for religious freedom?

      1. Rich says:

        Yes I am.
        He was like a lamb led to slaughter.
        Religion was not Jesus thing. It came into existence later. Religious Liberty was opposed by the Church until the Second Vatican Council. Most people do not agree that there is a outright threat to religious freedom now. (At least to the Catholic Church in America. Now if you want to talk about the American Muslims….)

        1. Cheryl says:

          I think you are uninformed. Most Catholics I know are very concernedd about religious freedom, as aremany of my protestant friends.

          1. Rich says:

            Since I don’t know your friends I will assume you are right, however there is much evidence to show that most Catholics are ignoring the Bishop’s politics in this election.
            (POINT OF FACT -most all are CONCERNED about religious freedom, it is just that most do not feel that their is being threatened in America. My own concern would be more with the people who are dying in other countries where they cannot even have the ability to openly challenge the government. It seems that being able to speak openly about our concerns here proves that we have the freedoms needed, rather than lacking them.

          2. abadilla says:

            He told you exactly what he thinks, “most Catholics are ignoring the Bishop’s politics in this election,” and I presume he thinks those Catholics are “faithful” Catholics as they ignore the successors of the Apostles. BTW, I hope you understand the bishops are not speaking about “politics” as much as they speaking about “principles” we Catholics are supposed to put into practice, especially during an election year. If the bishops were not doing that, someone might accuse them of not doing their job to guide the people of God under their care.
            Cardinal Dolan was very clear, “we didn’t bring this fight to the President,” as he referred to the HHS Mandate. I guess he meant, “the President brought this fight to us.” and now that we defend ourselves, it is “we” who are getting into politics. Amazing!

        2. Joe M says:

          Rich. I’m not really convinced that you are a religious person. Are you pretending to be religious by referring to googled scripture for some other agenda?

          You seem to think that religion is like a country club membership where as long as you can join up, you have religious liberty. Religions are sets of beliefs. Religious liberty includes the ability to live according to your beliefs.

          Jesus was killed because he refused to deny that he is the son of God. I can’t think of anything more clearly a stand for religious liberty than that.

          1. Rich says:

            None of this comment is as theologically sound as you may think. You may be too invested in arguing to really state what you think or believe. Either that or you have you own way of saying things.
            You do not need to worry about me being religious or not as much as you need to attend to why you are saying the things you are in support of your candidate, and why you are manipulating your faith to feel OK about being so Anti-Obama to the point of calling him (and me) evil.
            This is neither religious liberty, nor religion, not anything associated with Jesus dying. You surely do not believe that Jesus did so that you can say that I am not religious do you?
            I think you may be confused as to who thinks about religion as a country club, as you are the one thinking some people are not worthy of being in the same church as you.
            We are stuck in the same church, and you are stuck following Jesus and loving me.

        3. Mara says:

          Great point about Jesus not being into religion. He spoke nothing about religion, popes, priests, etc. The Catholic Church stole Him, claimed Him, used His credentials, re-identified Him, built a kingdom and accumulated riches using His name. In essence, they murdered the true meaning of Jesus and His message and convinced millions of people that Jesus created the Catholic Church. I guess “religious freedom” to the Catholic hierarchy is the freedom to steal the concept of Jesus and then claim Him as their own. What a grand illusion.

          1. John200 says:

            Seek professional help or, better yet, pastoral counseling.

    2. Tom Crowe says:

      You do like constructing straw men, don’t you, Rich?

      1. Rich says:

        No. I do not misrepresent you at all. However you may lack the needed scriptural or theological background to really understand what you are implying. I fear that you missed what the dear Father was actually saying, and you may want to run it by him to see if he was saying the Miracle of the loaves and fishes was not about a nurturing and loving God, but just about how bad of an election campaign the disciples would have run.
        But I think most, is that you like being an insulting blogger with nothing real to say except to keep people upset with Obama. As a manager a website for a small conservative catholic college with a reputation for the absurd, you have no special position in the church or apparently no good training in Catholic Thought.
        But it must give you a rush for this small and mostly ignored website to give you such an honor as to speak as if you know something worth saying.
        Maybe you could not have to lead with such an act as an immature techno-geek, who gets off on being a smart alleck.

        1. Tom Crowe says:

          Heh. You just keep on building those straw men with a rather amusing lack of curiosity to go along with your massive ego. Do you get paid by the comment or by the day? For someone who thinks our site (and I, in particular) is so ignored an insignificant, you sure spend a lot of time around here.

          1. Rich says:

            You are pretty insignificant to any meaningful discussion on politics by your choice of how you present any topic.
            I believe I am talking about your blogging and no you, but you are the one thinking it is OK to do the ad Hominem.
            Try representing your school with a little more dignity when you portray the President’s comments.
            As for you need to be abusive, I just feel sorry for you, but you do not show a life in Christ in your work here. It is hard to rejoice in God’s goodness while you keep your eye out for the dirtiest trash to share.
            I would guess that no one here has made any political decision based upon your information shared.
            No need to comment back, unless you can be civil and respectful. Otherwise, just save it for those that can’t wait for your next revelation.

          2. Tom Crowe says:

            My last struck a little close to home, eh? I’ll say this: your name is appropriate: that comment was “rich” with irony.

          3. Rich says:

            I have no idea what you are trying to say, but I think you do no either other than trying to be a smart a$$ (Believe it or not, although the CV crowd needs you for this position, this is not a Christian Vocation.)
            Your lack of adding anything to meaningful discussion brings down the “value” of this website below its already low worth.
            Your cheap shots are not witty, and are missed by the people who already hate Obama before they come to you. If you had any love for the Church, you would not cheapen faith to at “comical” and insulting battering ram.
            Yes this all hits close to home for many of us in the Church. We don’t want is used for cheap politics.
            If you want to be a lightweight Rush, then find a better place to do it than one that claims in name to be Catholic. There is no Bishop or priest that would find what you do to be a part of faith. Even those that have lost their own route in the political arena.

          4. BufordJr says:

            Hey Crowe, how much are Karl Rove and the Koch Boys paying you and your _fellow Republican Party shills_ at CatholicVote for your GOP hackery?

          5. Tom Crowe says:

            Nothing, as far as I know, but I’m just a writer: I’m not involved in the business end of things. But thanks for asking!

          6. Mara says:

            Great projection Tom.

          7. Tom Crowe says:

            I see what you did there, Mara: and no, no projection. Observation.

  4. Katherine says:

    “He quotes Philly’s Archbishop Chaput, Bishop Jenke of Peoria, G. K. Chesterton, and Churchill’s “finest hour” speech, and the Declaration of Independence.
    … Father Henry explains, demands that we be bold witnesses for Christ, remembering that He, Jesus Christ, is the alpha and the omega of time. “Christ wins, Christ reigns, Christ commands.”
    Excellent. Not only quotes Chaput, Jenke, Chesteron and Churchill, but with the last remark, quotes the slogan of the Spanish Fascists. Take that, Sr. Simone.

    1. Rich says:

      His speech actually supports Sr. Simone, as the truest witness of faith is not slogans, but the work of charity and the work of Justice.
      Truly if you are attacking Sr Simone, it is not Religious Freedom that you are seeking, but some perversion of religion that is about power and domination, and not the ones who praise the Lord.
      Might be time to listen harder.


    1. Rich says:

      You may be confusing the Church with the NRA rally down the street. Neo-Patriotism is not a part of the Roman Catholic Church.

      1. Joe M says:

        You may be confusing the Church with a Catholic commentary blog.

        Carol’s sentiment is certainly relevant to Catholicism in the sense that the candidates are not in equal standing to Catholic principle. What direction our country goes is indeed very important to many Catholics.

        1. Rich says:

          I will give you that one Joe, this blog has nothing to do with Church.

          And Carol’s rant has nothing to do with sentiment. Parroting slogans is not the same as expressing thoughts.

          1. Joe M says:

            Do you have a substantial point to make? Or, are you down to ad hominem already?

          2. Rich says:

            My point was made already, and you agreed with it.
            There was no ad hominem here. I have stayed on task, despite your attempts to move the discussion elsewhere.

          3. Joe M says:

            Characterizing someones comments as “Parroting slogans” is an ad hominem statement.

            What point do you think I agreed with?

          4. Rich says:

            No charactorizing it as parroting slogans is explaining the behavior.
            You are just getting boring trying to find things to upset yourself. It is really time to let it go. You have already said that this site is not about the Church.

          5. Joe M says:

            I’m sorry that you are bored. I’m enjoying myself. In the words of Mitt Romney: “This is fun, isn’t it?”

            Actually, I referred to this site as a “Catholic commentary blog.” In what way does that not communicate that this site is about the Catholic Church?

      2. Mark Hartman says:

        No, but patriotism is. “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” tells us that the PROPER support of our country is not only permissible, but demanded of us.

        “My country, right or wrong: When right, to be kept right; when wrong, to be put right.”

        1. Rich says:

          I am not sure that there is agreement among Scriptural experts that Jesus was making a command for Patriotism. It may be good to remember that Ceasar and Rome was an occupying force, and the the question was about tax. So you are right that Jesus did say paying tax is not ungodly.
          However, the meaningful part of the verse is the later part about what you give to God.

          1. Joe M says:

            Rich. What other parts of the bible do you find meaningless?

          2. Rich says:

            I was not the one trying to rewrite Jesus as Yankee Doodle.
            Find me a Biblical Scholar who says Jesus was talking about Patriotism in that text. You cannot manipulate Scripture to fit a political agenda, it is a tool of our faith.
            Why would you put meaningless interpretation on it?

          3. Joe M says:

            That’s not what you wrote. You wrote that part of the verse was meaningless. I’m curious what other verses are meaningless to you?

          4. Rich says:

            Joe – you need to stop with the petty nonsense. If you want to talk with me, than be a bit more respectful, and not try so hard to find something you disagree with. I understand how you may be weak in following what you are alleging that you believe in. It is hard to be committed to something that down deep you recognize as wrong, even when you seem to enjoy just be oppostitional.

          5. Joe M says:

            You wrote that a Bible verse is meaningless. How is it disrespectful to ask you which other verses you find meaningless?

            I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from. You criticize personal attacks while making personal attacks. You cite some Bible versus while dismissing others. You demand respect while showing none. You disparage this site but apparently spend a lot of time on it.

            You sir, are an enigma!

      3. Becky says:

        Rich- are you CATHOLIC? Please answer.

        1. Rich says:

          Are you able to be nice?

          1. Becky says:

            I see you did not answer the question. So I will ask again:
            Rich, are you CATHOLIC?

          2. Rich says:

            I am afraid that you do not understand the concept. You may be going through the motions, but I do not think that you are bringing your heart into your faith. This is not a game that you seem to want to play.
            You need to spend less time trying to insult my faith and more time meditating on how your actions are showing the love of Christ.
            When you really know what Church is, and then if you really want to know about my faith, I will respond. Until then, find something new to do.

          3. Joe M says:

            In other words no. You citing scripture and talking about Jesus was nothing more than a cheap gimmick to serve an ulterior agenda.

            Reminds me a lot of the way Obama’s position looked when Romney took him to task in front of America: a cheap gimmick.

          4. Becky says:

            And…what IS your faith? Since you brought it up. I know it is NOT Catholic.

        2. abadilla says:

          And his answer is “are you able to be nice?” yet, he is anything but nice to folks here, and not very different from the trolls that come into CV to simply attack us because we won’t play doormats!

          1. Rich says:

            doormat? no
            Christian? still no

      4. BufordJr says:

        Your language and charity are too kind Rich for this site. I would compare it more to a Nuremberg Party rally.

        1. Joe M says:

          Are you even a different person than “Rich”? Or, is this the nickname you use to make more incendiary insults so that you can keep up the pretend-to-be-Christian shtick as “Rich”?

          1. John200 says:

            I would bet he is Rich. He has said nothing of substance and seems not to know the topic of your article. Buford says, “Golly Rich, you are the greatest” (my paraphrase).

            Just for the record, Rich is not the greatest.

  6. True Believer says:

    That’s so weird. Jesus said the EXACT OPPOSITE.

    1. Bokyo Ko says:

      OK… Got what you are saying…. You believe that evil will retreat if we ignore evil have its way. Or perhaps, the other exact opposite – evil will triumph if we resist and do something against it.

      1. Rich says:

        Wow – that is almost how Romney makes up his mind when he enters a room. “Will the Conservatives like me if I say this? or will the Moderates like me if I say that?”
        Like his wonderful statement today that he will not work to overturn Roe V Wade and will do nothing to take away a woman’s right to choose.

    2. Randall says:

      And of course, you have a theology degree to give your words some merit? No? What a surprise. Another Catholyc liberal who thinks they can interpret the sayings of Jesus.

      1. Rich says:

        And pray tell, Randall, where did you study theology?
        Have you heard of Scripture?

    3. Curious says:

      What is weird is that you don’t know what Jesus has said about Satan. Jesus said, “Go, Satan! For it is written, ‘YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD, AND SERVE HIM ONLY.'” Matthew 4:10 or “Get behind me Satan, you are in my way!” Matthew 16:23. Here’s another: “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7 You are only a true believer in yourself and man that you follow. Most of us on this site follow God, TRUTH, and are TRUE BELIEVERS in God. God Bless

        1. Curious says:

          What? You don’t read scripture? At least that is, any other scripture than that fed to you by your Soros funded, Obama propaganda machine? We are praying for you. I mean this seriously. Your conversion is important. God bless

          1. Rich says:

            There is nothing about any of your comments that are serious. You need not worry about my eternal salvation, but can continue to deal with your own.
            It may be better to imitate Jesus instead of Tom Crowe. The snotty remarks are unneeded.

          2. John200 says:

            “The snotty remarks are unneeded.”

            Then you should stop them. Pronto.

            If you have a substantive contribution to make, let’s see it. It isn’t as hard as you are making it look. If you are merely playing the tendentious troll, well, that’s different; you are doing fine.

          3. Rich says:

            How many points to you win in the game you are playing for making unneeded comments?

          4. John200 says:

            The article says, we are supposed to work actively to advance the faith. I had in mind to steer you toward one of Father Terry’s (and Mr. Crowe’s) main points.

            Then I hoped to make the point that tendentious trolling is unneeded.

            Do you see?

          5. Rich says:

            Funny, it seemed you just wanted to call names.
            The article does not say anything about advancing the faith, but to advance the cause, which is in no way the same.
            It is the continued politics of division, and not our faith that calls us together.
            Wanting to have a “faith” that is so honored that even Caesar bows down, instead of a faith in God that calls us to love our enemies and feed the hungry is not faith at all. It is pride, it is politics, it is wrong.

          6. John200 says:

            Dear Rich,

            Thank you for suggesting that a “Catholic’s duty to be a witness for
            Christ” (the author’s point) is more like advancing a cause than advancing the
            faith. This is a rather fine distinction. In my judgment it is completely
            unrelated to the article.

            I am under orders to try to help you twice, but no more. I have done
            so. As for calling you names: You play the tendentious troll. As evidence I
            offer your 20 comments out of 43 total. I leave you, lost in your wisdom, which
            is darkness.

            Best to you and yours.

          7. abadilla says:


            I am under orders to try to help you twice, but no more. I have done
            so. As for calling you names: You play the tendentious troll. As evidence I
            offer your 20 comments out of 43 total. I leave you, lost in your wisdom, which
            is darkness.

            Best to you and yours.” The best you could have done!

          8. Rich says:

            Your best wishes seem to be insincere? Is this a mockery of what John tried to leave me?
            In spite of that, I will accept your warm wishes, knowing that it is impossible to wish someone the best (in this case the grace and peace and love of Christ Jesus) and not have God respond positively despite your true intentions.
            I still hope that you will quiet your anger and let the lord touch your heart.

          9. Rich says:

            I am sure you are aware that was not the author’s point. His point is about his partisan political choice to manipulate the faith of people like you. It seems he has succeeded, and that you will follow him without question.
            Thank you for leaving. it is the best that you can do, and you will have no more need to enrich your lies to defend the indefensible.
            If you are true to you words, than I accept your best wishes. This is closer to being a christian than you have shown in earlier posts. Thanks.

          10. abadilla says:

            John200, You will stear him toward those arguments when hell freezes over and pigs fly. John, the more you reply to him, the more he will be rude to you, but he will claim “you” are being rude to him. Just read his replies to Curious and you’ll see what I mean.

          11. Curious says:

            You wrote, “There is nothing about any of your comments that are serious.” So far from the TRUTH. The problem is that you don’t like TRUTH, so you attack and then claim others attack you. You are not that good sir. Then you wrote, “It may be better to imitate Jesus instead of Tom Crowe.” Well, my comment to you was imitating Christ, “We are praying for you. I mean this seriously. Your conversion is important.” Unlike your comments that are AGAINST Christ. You TRY to use only parts of what Jesus has said to twist His Words to bolster up your evil path while leaving out complete passages of Jesus” Word. You are immitating Satan. Jesus warned of Satan and people followiong Satan using parts of Scripture for evil. You have done well with your immitation of Satan. But…. we will continue to pray for your conversion, wanted or unwanted. God Bless

          12. Rich says:

            You were not imitating Christ in your rude comments, you were acting just like Tom. You know it as well as I, and you are not able to deny it.
            You don’t even know what you are arguing about anymore, you are just …well I am not sure what you are doing.
            But have a good night, maybe you won’t be so grumpy tomorrow.

          13. Curious says:

            I guess you do get paid by the number of responses you get. You are not making any since. Once again, you are diverting from TRUTH, the TRUTH you hate. You are imitating Satan well and not even denying it. You are arguing against God on every thread. Your comments are RUDE and FULL of lies, yet you “TRY” to make the claim that others are the ones being rude and lying. You fail to understand the written word as well. I did deny acting like Tom, and I was imitating Christ as Christ prays for others and conversions. I am NOT arguing with you, but that seems to bother you. You see, you sliipped up earlier while addressing Joe M. You revealed your TRUE agenda here with , “manipulate Scripture to fit a political agenda, it is a tool of our faith.” That last part, ” it is a tool of our faith.” WOW!!! Very telling statement about yourself. Like I said before, Satan uses Scripture as a tool for his “faith” , evil. You are imitating Satan well. We will keep praying for you, but I won’t respond to you anymore on this thread. I do not want you to get over paid for the numbner of responses you have received. God bless

          14. abadilla says:

            Hi Curious, he replied “You were not imitating Christ in your rude comments.” I guess it is “rude” for you to concerned yourself with his eternal salvation, and this is the very person who was not being “rude” to me when he wrote I was not “articulate.” I guess that was not a “rude” comment.

          15. Rich says:

            It was not. it was an assessment. I have never implied that you are worthless or evil. You cannot say the same thing. So please quite trying to act like a victim when you are closer to a bully.
            No put your silliness away and deal with the issues or turn the computer off.

          16. Curious says:

            Rich probably gets his/her kicks by coming here to “try” to lead others away from God. And on top of that, he/she gets paid for it. I liked the posts that you shared with someone else on another thread about not giving him/her an audience. I tell this to my children all of the time when they are dealing with bullies. Rich twists God’s and Jesus’ Words, and he/she expects others to believe him/her. Rich has two gods, Obama and himself/herself. He/she thinks he/she knows better than God and wants us to leave God to follow him/her. That will NOT happen here, but he/she still gets paid for “trying”. I will continue to pray for Rich, but will not give him/her an audience any longer. Thanks for the indirect advise. P.S. I call Rich him/her because those that are paid by the Soros Obamabot proganda machines often take on different names and genders to try to disguise themselves. Who knows who Rich is? NO ONE, but we will just keep praying for his/her conversion to GOD!!! GOd bless

          17. abadilla says:

            Hi. Curious, “Rich twists God’s and Jesus’ Words, and he/she expects others to believe him/her.” And that’s exactly what he is doing tonight. It always amazes me that dissenters claim to follow Jesus at the same time that they attack His Church, the Successors of the Apostles and Christ’s Vicar. I don’t know how one can do that “rationally” nor do I see how one can do that from a faith perspective and, at the same time, call oneself a Catholic. That, I don’t get.
            Tonight Biden claimed to be a “practicing” Catholic and yet he belongs to the Party of Abortion (murder). He claims abortion is wrong, presumably the destruction of the unborn, but he would never tell anyone they can’t butcher their children. What kind of a Catholic is that? What if the issue were slavery? Would he be able to say, it is wrong or evil but I would never get rid of it for anyone else? Biden also claimed there is no war on religion, religious freedom, so, the alternative is to think the Bishops invented the whole thing. Unbelievable!

          18. John200 says:

            Biden is “practicing” in the sense that I practice throwing baseballs so I can become better at pitching. He is not “practicing” in the sense that he understands Roman Catholicism and follows its teaching and lives the faith as a Roman Catholic should. You will see Mr. Biden listed among the confraternity under the acronym CINO (Catholic in Name Only); or catholyc (the “y” denotes fake Catholic).

            Watch these socalled “Catholics” who cherry-pick the faith and follow the road to heresy and maybe, later, hell. Pray for them, as they do not know their own faith.

            Of course, vote against sort-of-Catholics like Biden. He needs a period or reflection and prayer. This should occur out of the public eye, in which he frequently so embarrasses himself…. and hundreds of millions of faithful Roman Catholics.

          19. abadilla says:

            Are you aware that the USNCCB published a statement today declaring Biden to be wrong in his understanding of Catholicism? I’m glad the bishops responded and I’m also glad because any Catholic who listens to his, her bishops, is now clear on what the Church teaches. Of course, those that don’t even respect the bishops, well, why would they care what the bishops stated this morning?
            To tell you the truth, it is soooooooooooooooooooo hard for me to hear a “Catholic” defending the indefensible and worse yet, in the case of Biden claiming to be a “practicing” Catholic. I don’t see a Catholic who somehow believes the opposite of church teaching, standing at Judgement Day trying to justify how he or she mislead people on earth. I don’t get it. All I can hope is for God to have mercy on their souls when the time comes to meet Our Maker!

          20. John200 says:

            For the nonce, vote against “kinda-sort-of-Catholics” like Biden. We cannot benefit from putting him into office while he is confused about the most important aspects of his (and our!) life.

            He needs a period of reflection and carefully guided prayer. He does not need heavy responsibility for the lives of his fellow citizens. Retirement beckons.

          21. abadilla says:

            Not only is Biden confused about political matters, but he is also confused about theological matters. Everytime a so-called Catholic like Pelosi, or Biden, or one of the Kennedys or Barbara Boxer, or Kathleen Sebelius stands up and speaks for the faith, the bishops should realize what a poor job of catechesis they have done in the past 50 years. I cringe everytime someone begins his or her speech with “I am a practicing Catholic but….” I know immediately, they are about to deny an article of faith, or an intrinsic evil or both!

          22. Becky says:

            I agree, Curious. Like Rich, Satan also quoted scripture.

    4. Bam says:

      Amen to this. I’m so tired of our Bishops distorting not only the teaching of the church, but the teaching of CHRIST HIMSELF!

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