Stuck: Ex-Ambassador Kmiec Says He’ll Endorse Obama Again in 2012

Roughly three years after Doug Kmiec became the most visible “conservative, pro-life” Catholic to endorse Barack Obama for President, have his views changed at all? Has he learned anything from the experience of this intervening time?

Apparently … not:

Outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Malta Doug Kmiec has reiterated his support for President Obama and said he will almost certainly endorse him again in the 2012 presidential election.

Kmiec told the Sunday Times of Malta that there is a “98 percent chance” that he will endorse the president, adding “I think that the president is doing a great job.”

“He’s someone who has made good on his principal promises against substantial headwinds,” he said. Kmiec cited the president’s response to economic troubles, the extension of health insurance coverage and his work in international affairs. [CNA] [Read/Watch the full interview here]

Where to begin to respond to this level of self-delusion? Who actually thinks — besides diehard Democrats — that President Obama’s policies have helped the economy recover? Who is actually excited at the prospect of the Catholic health care system being lumped in with and forced to abide by progressively more restrictive government policies which are often directly opposed to Catholic moral teaching? Who actually thinks what Obama’s foreign policy (that is, if you can even define what his foreign policy is) has accomplished besides encouraging America’s enemies to continue to encroach upon the freedom of their less powerful neighbors and countrymen, often trampling over Christians and religious liberty as a start?

[Kmiec] said that the State Department never really understood his mandate to promote interfaith dialogue in Malta given to him by President Obama.

Again, more delusion.

Then, this bombshell:

The outgoing ambassador also revealed that his fatal car accident in California in August 2010 was caused when he fainted because of medication he takes for Parkinson’s disease. The accident killed two of his friends, a priest and a nun.

I have long heard rumors that Kmiec had Parkinson’s disease, but I refused to publish them because I thought it would be gossip. Plus I could discern no sincere reason why he would hide his condition from even his public supporters when he served a very public role.

Now we find out that, not only does he have it, but that his condition caused the crash which killed two people. When the news of Kmiec’s accident broke, I asked for prayers for him and the victims. I half expected that some explanation would eventually be given as to what caused the accident, but none was ever given. Well, now we know.

So, three years after Kmiec’s switch to the cause of Obama, he’s left the administrative post to which he was assigned as a reward for his support, continues to show no understanding of what actually caused him to have to leave, while relentlessly spinning the record of the President he so admires, all so we can be treated to four more years of disastrous policy.

Which leaves me to wonder, will no pro-Obama Catholic come clean on the recent past?

Dare I say that, if a Catholic of widely-esteemed personal principles and integrity were to exhibit the same unwavering support of a deeply flawed political figure who happened to be a Republican, the cry from the Catholic Left would be “he’s a partisan hack!”

Well, Mr. Kmiec strikes me as little more than, well, not much more than, just so.



  • HarryB1938

    No Catholic should vote for, much less endorse, Barack H. Obama
    for anything! Certainly not for another term as President of the United States! He successfully pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes in 2008, with his oratory, false promises and outright lies. May God forbid that he is allowed to do it again! Everyone who plans to vote in 2012, must first read “The Post-American Presidency” by Pamela Geller.
    Ms. Geller’s book is very well researched and documented. It presents convincing evidence as to Obama’s true sentiments and beliefs, and the great harm he has already done to our country, and his determination to bring about the destruction of our once great nation.
    As a lover of Islam, most likely a Muslim, at least at heart, as a `Socialist, and an internationalist, Obama hopes to establish a new world order”, with himself as its leader! His arrogance is exceeded only by his ambition.

  • TJM

    If Kmiec thinks Obama is doing a “great job” I would say his intellect is no longer functioning properly. Sad

  • Francis

    I was surprised at this commment:

    “I have long heard rumors that Kmiec had Parkinson’s disease, but I refused to publish them because I thought it would be gossip. Plus I could discern no sincere reason why he would hide his condition from even his public supporters when he served a very public role.”

    Kmiec has been open about his illness, having made statements about it as early as 2009.

    It is ironic that you would not want to participate in “gossip”, but you are willing to pile on condemnation for Kmiec supposedly hiding his condition, which he did not.

    • Captain Renault

      Thomas Peters making erroneous statements that cast unnecessary blame and derision upon a (perceived) liberal? Followed by a hypothetical remix of the current situation, with a made-up response by liberals that cast them in a negative light? I’m shocked, shocked to find that partisan bias is going on here!

      • Francis

        Round up the usual suspects!



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