Examining the Abortion/Breast Cancer Link

As the Susan G. Komen Foundation tortuously praises Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider, the Gregorian Institute republishes my Crisis magazine article on the abortion/breast cancer link, “When Abortion Kills Twice.”

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, featured in the article, visits Benedictine College this week to speak about the abortion/breast cancer link.



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  • David
    • Joe M

      David. Thank you for the link. However, I didn’t find it convincing that there is “no good evidence that abortion is linked with breast cancer.” Boiled down, the argument presented there is that the author (is that you?) speculates that the statistical evidence showing a connection could be flawed (which certainly could be true but is not scientifically established). Then, the “evidence” provided to suggest that there is not a link is to list off conclusions by a number of institutions, an Appeal to Authority fallacy. — As is acknowledged, this issue is controversial and political. However, that is in BOTH directions. There are many powerful and influential forces with an interest in NOT finding a link. So, it is inaccurate, imo, to characterize one side of the issue as being zealous and the other scientific. It is also a mistake, imo, to assume that large institutions or ones that proclaim a dedication to science are above taking biased stances on issues like this.

  • Joe M

    And Planned Parenthood responds, “Thank you for coming around to our way of thinking, partner.” Creepy.

  • Ado

    This is the issue I cannot figure.. Why would the Komen foundation support PP knowing its main business is abortion and that abortion is a likely trigger to cause breast cancer? I remember when it was on the news years ago one study found that abortion raised the chance of breast cancer by about 50% but there would be no warnings because that wasn’t enough of an increase to make a significant difference. I thought it was. Of course, I don’t remember which studies I read in those days, but the link was reported on the national news stations.
    It seems like a lot of “facts” are not reliable or that studies are sometimes done with an agenda to prove what is desired? So, according to the article, it’s not agreed that there is a firm link between the two because of a botched study that has been quoted as correct by abortion proponents, however studies are still being called and there is some haziness about how the studies were done? Can anyone make this more clear? Are any of the studies reliable? Is it that hard to do a study like this?



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