EXCITING NEWS: Catholic Families for America joins CatholicVote.org

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 24, 2011
CONTACT: Joshua Mercer, mercer@catholicvote.org

Catholic Families for America
Joins CatholicVote.org

Dr. Kevin Roberts to join CatholicVote.org PAC Advisory Board

CHICAGO – CatholicVote.org President Brian Burch announced today that Catholic Families for America has joined the CatholicVote.org family of organizations.

Based in Texas, Catholic Families for America will be renamed CatholicVote.org Southwest and will work to build chapters for CatholicVote.org at the state level.

Dr. Kevin Roberts, Founder of Catholic Families for America, will join CatholicVote.org PAC’s Advisory Board.

“Catholics must be dedicated advocates for life, marriage, and freedom at the ballot box.   Dr. Kevin Roberts helped build a movement of politically-active Catholic citizens in the southwest that we hope to grow and expand upon.  Dr. Roberts continues to be a strong champion for the Faith and we’re pleased to welcome him and his organization into the CatholicVote.org family,” said Brian Burch, President of CatholicVote.org PAC.

“The opportunity to become part of CatholicVote means that the movement by lay Catholics to reclaim the public square continues to gain momentum.  I look forward to continuing my efforts in cultivating Catholic political activism as part of the CatholicVote team,” said Dr. Roberts.

In addition to serving on the CatholicVote.org PAC Advisory Board, Dr. Roberts will continue to provide his personal daily podcast commentaries at capitolhillcatholic.com.

CatholicVote.org PAC is the political action arm of CatholicVote.org.  The 2010 election cycle marked the inaugural year for the political action committee.  CatholicVote.org PAC endorsed 9 candidates for Congress and 1 Senate candidate.  Seven of the ten endorsees won.




  • Joe from Defend Us In Battle

    This is exciting news! The more widespread the CatholicVote.org netwrol spreads, the more the Catholic principles we all adhere to will become a factor in the public political sphere.

    Looking forward to more awesome Catholic Political Action!

  • mary

    This is fantastic news..for the entire Pro Life movement in the US.. I am just wondering why not extend it to north of the border and include Canada?
    surely Life across borders is more than justified.. and we are on the same continent??

    This would give our people much more courage and a voice..

    God bless America


  • John

    Great stuff. Networking and organizing is how we will win. What’s that cliche again? United we stand, divided we fall?

  • Russell

    Well, I certainly will remember Dr. Robert’s words “freedom at the ballot box.” Hopefully that means freedom from ALL outside coercion!



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