Fail: Pro-Abortion Twitter Challenge Goes “Viral”…Except It Doesn’t



hindenburg2Wow, this was really pathetic.

Pro-abortion activist Andrea Grimes, a political reporter at “reproductive justice” site RH Reality Check, must have thought she was pretty clever when she came up with the Taco Beer Abortion Challenge.

Apparently thinking she could take advantage of the recent Ice Bucket Challenge that has conquered the Internet and raised millions of dollars for ALS research, Grimes took to Twitter last week with her own take on the fundraising gimmick.  In Grimes’ challenge, the participant eats a taco or drinks a beer and then donates to the pro-abortion cause of their choice.

This is Andrea Grimes’ tweet from August 18:

“I hereby challenge y’all to eat a taco or drink a beer and give money to an abortion fund #tacoorbeerchallenge”

Ha ha, nope.

Actually there is something hilarious about Grimes’ lame attempt at humor-activism – the gushing coverage it was given by Time.  According to the Time article, Grimes’ joke has gone “viral” and has turned into a “movement.”

Except wait – no it hasn’t.

Not even close.  When the Time article was published, a full four days after Grimes’ initial tweet, her #tacoorbeerchallenge hashtag had a grand total of…ready?…178 tweets.  Viral?  Not quite.  Maybe that’s more, I don’t know, bacterial?  Oh yeah, and 19 of those 178 tweets were from – yup, you guessed it – Andrea Grimes.

Not exactly shutting down the Internet, are we Andrea?

I guess most people just don’t think that dismembering kids because they cramp your style is as worthy a cause as curing an actual illness, like Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Weird, right?

But no worries, Ms. Grimes.  At least you can take comfort in the fact that Time says your “viral” idea has taken the Internet by storm and started a “movement.”  In fact, it’s gotta rank right up there with these other “viral” media campaigns:




open doorThis Facebook campaign went “viral” when a groundswell of 3 Detroit residents accepted the challenge to leave their doors unlocked and wide open at night and then make a donation to their favorite gun control group in order to protest access to firearms by law abiding citizens.



mcnuggetsThis nationwide social media movement demanding that employers provide free McDonalds to their employees was based on the self-evident truth that eating is a fundamental right and therefore everyone is owed free food at work.  The movement spread like wildfire, eventually garnering the support of 139 members of the nation’s workforce.



koalaWe’ll never forget this web-crashing bonanza that saw a veritable throng of 16 people around the globe  sign a petition to rename the koala bear because technically it’s not a bear, it’s a marsupial, and calling it a bear is offensive to koalas…and bears too maybe…and probably Al Sharpton should go there, wherever there is, to raise more awareness, and money.



toastThis Twitter campaign took the nation by storm after an eco-friendly housewife expressed her outrage that every time she wanted to make just one piece of toast, she had to use twice the amount of needed energy, since the only available toasters had a minimum of two slots for toast.  People all over the nation, 27 to be exact, lit up Twitter with their own stories, demanding greater access to one-slot toasters.



confused babyThis worldwide Internet phenomenon was all the rage a few years ago when almost 9 people across the world joined as one, voicing their frustration because they just couldn’t decide if going into a bathroom stall and finding that the seat is warm was really comfy or really gross.


Poor Andrea Grimes.  It was a good effort.  And hey, maybe it wasn’t all a waste of time.  If your idea actually does go viral and you get enough people to scarf down those tacos and beers, maybe there’s an endorsement deal in it for you from, I don’t know…Charmin Ultra-Soft?


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