"Family Day" rally in Rome draws incredible numbers

The AP:

A huge crowd of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters rallied in Rome Saturday to tell Italy that they alone should be counted as families, and pressure parliament to reject legislation that would grant new rights to unmarried and same-sex couples.

The “Family Day” rally, drawing hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in an unexpectedly strong outpouring, was organized by lay Catholic groups and family associations. While the demonstration has been endorsed by Italian bishops, neither the Vatican nor the Italian bishops’ conference is formally behind it.

WDTPRS has much more, as he is literally living in the thick of it:

Today was “Family Day” in Rome and it was a huge, vast, mind-blowing success. It was lay organized and attended.

It would have been a success, according to the organizers, had over 100,000 people come to St. John Lateran for the event.

The last report I heard was that over 1.7 MILLION people showed up.

He also goes over the huge discrepency in real attendence vs. claimed attendence by the media. Want to guess which way they skew the numbers when counting up one side or the other?

Update: Rocco adds his coverage here.
Update 2: More news from AsiaNews.It.
Update 3: Associated Press has coverage here.





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