Fatherly Advice from Fifth Avenue

As the debate over remaking marriage in New York continues, Archbishop Timothy Dolan makes a plea and issues a reminder:

Along with so many other people of faith – and of no particular religion at all – we Catholic pastors and citizens persevere, on this Father’s Day, in our prayers and efforts to defend the timeless definition of marriage as the loving, faithful union between one man and one woman leading to a family.

At the conclusion of tomorrow’s 10:15 Sunday Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, I’ll ask for prayers that this noble endeavor, at the heart of nature’s understanding of the common good, and historically protected by our country’s normative principles, will succeed.

We appreciate and encourage the legitimate concern of some of our thoughtful elected officials to make sure religious freedom is always guaranteed, but still in principle will oppose any radical bill to redefine the very essence of marriage.

We celebrate Father’s Day. The sacred word “father” implies “mother.” The terms “father and mother” presume “husband and wife,” and imply “children.”

These words are so basic that they’re the first ones a baby says; so foundational that they’re among the first words of the Creator recorded in the Bible.

Government presumes to redefine these sacred words at the peril of the common good.



  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    Too little too late I am afraid the Church has been digging this hole for a good 50 years plus and now its being pushed in to it from its secular maters that many prelates chose to play nice with.

    What? I ask, effect can Archbishop Dolan have no matter how well intentioned when he says one thing about marriage while at the same time his “brother” Bishop in Brooklyn who is actually Andrew Cuomo’s ordinary sits and does nothing if anything privately supporting the Governor in both his personal sin of cohabitation and his heterodoxy of supporting “gay marriage.” What can be done about such prelates? That gleefully provide cover for these so called “Catholics” who bring scandal and yet nothing is done. But rather slowly kill the faith in their diocese and seem happy to let the Faith die.

    This is of course not an isolated incident as the Bishop of Brooklyn only takes after another notable dissenter and killer of the Faith that is of course the Bishop of Rochester. Again what was once a proud and vibrant diocese now is dying at a rapid pace. No vocations as far as the eye can see Bishop Clark has made sure to make a desert out of Fulton Sheen’s garden.

    Yet let us not even go as far as those that would not listen to the Archbishop. Archbishop Dolan him self, he who demands or at least should demand the obedience of his parishioners yet at the same time he disobeys the Holy Father. What provisions has Archbishop Dolan made regarding the Summorum Pontificum of 2007? Or even more to the point what has he done in order to promote the clarification of Ecclesiae Unitatem. Those who demand obedience should learn to obey first.



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