Here’s to you, Dad.

The evidence is in.

Fathers matter.  A lot.


American culture has notoriously failed to honor the important and critical role of fathers.  From hollywood movies and sitcoms to everyday jokes, men are often depicted as clumsy, worthless buffoons who care only about beer and football.

With the growing attacks on marriage and family, the role of mothers and fathers must be affirmed more than ever.New studies confirm what we already know: That fathers are central to healthy children, and a healthy society.  So if we want to rebuild a Civilization of Love, we need to start cherishing the role of real men, and especially fathers.

Dad matters.

It is said that children see God through the eyes of their father – and that a father has a bigger impact on whether or not children continue to go to church as adults.

That’s why it is so important for Catholics to build up fathers. And to push back against all these stereotypes found in our culture today.


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27 thoughts on “Here’s to you, Dad.

  1. We mostly don’t realize just how great a role ‘dad’ has in our life until (sadly) after he has passed away …
    So enjoy your D-A-D this day, if you’re fortunate enough to still have him with you..And to those of us who do not, here’s to you, Dad!

  2. MominVermont says:

    So beautiful! Made me cry happy tears:)

    My dad is my H*E*R*O !!!

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