Federal court strikes down HHS mandate for Ohio business

janice brown

Judge Janice Rogers Brown

Common sense prevails at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals — the second most influential court in the land.

The court ruled 2-1 in favor of Ohio business owners who objected to the HHS mandate, which forces businesses to pay for sterilizations, abortion pills, and contraception.

The Court said that just because a woman had a right to determine whether or when to have children, that didn’t mean the federal government could force companies to pay for such services.

(I mean, that seems obvious, right?)

Judge Janice Rogers Brown wrote the opinion for the court:

“It is clear the government has failed to demonstrate how such a right — whether described as noninterference, privacy, or autonomy — can extend to the compelled subsidization of a woman’s procreative practices.”

By the way, Judge Brown was nominated for this federal bench by President George W. Bush. Liberals in the Senate fought and filibustered her nomination for two full years. But she was eventually confirmed.

Unfortunately, this ruling does not affect our friend, Catholic businessman John Kennedy, since he is in a different federal district. We’re still fighting his case all the way to the Supreme Court. 


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  • Dale

    Verna, the prostitute many years ago pregnant for the third time would certainly have agreed with you. However if she had been able to abort the world would not have Mozart. All life is precious !

  • Joanne S.

    To Verna, We live with this because it is not the “right” of the gov’t, or anyone else, including the mother, to decide that someone else’s life will or will not be worth living. How about keeping that “choice” to the person whose life it is, instead of determining that you know what is best for someone else?

  • Verna Brunswick

    50% of the women, or more, that request an abortion (and many that should have one and don’t), there is a child born that will probably spend time in jail. Will grow up in proverty, hated by their immature parent, and will be uneducated and unloved.
    How do you people live with that?

    • bill

      Verna, if the government (or you and I) decide which life can be killed, then where does it end? You want to kill criminals it appears. Which ones? all of them? Those only in jail becasue we have to pay for their care? What about people on welfare – we pay for their care too? what about special needs people? the list goes on and on until it reaches down to you and me. And quite frankly the US has already reached that point. We kill any baby any time we want – through abortion.



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