Finding Hope in An Abyss of Evil

I know I’m not the only one feeling like my heart has been ripped out today (and I’m not even a parent).

The horrific mass shooting of young children in Newtown, Connecticut is truly evil. There’s no other way to describe it.

20 children, ages 5-10, murdered. 6 adults murdered. A seventh adult murdered at a second crime scene. A dead shooter at the scene. No answers or possible justification.

When faced with something so evil, the words delivered by Pope Benedict on his visit to the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz come to mind:

“In the face of the horror of Auschwitz there is no other response than the Cross of Christ: Love descended to the very depths of the abyss of evil to save man in his core.”

May we reflect on this truth today as we pray for the victims of the Connecticut school shooting and beg Christ to intercede for them at the throne of mercy!

I want to thank the CatholicVote community who has already been pouring out prayers for the victims and their families.

But I also must condemn the groups and individuals who have chosen to instantly exploit this tragedy by calling for legal action and legislation before we have barely had time to process and mourn what has happened.

There is even a “Catholic” group that shall remain nameless that is urging people to go right now to the White House to demand gun violence prevention.

The only appropriate place to be at a time like this is with our loved ones, on our knees, praying, preferably in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

I want to commend President Obama and his administration, and all the public officials I’ve seen address the tragedy, who have refused to politicize and exploit it.

Evil is far bigger than politics. Our only salvation and comfort today is in the mercy of God.



37 thoughts on “Finding Hope in An Abyss of Evil

  1. Grisha357 says:

    Dear all ~ Our prayers might also include Msgr. Weiss and St. Rose of Lima. Eight of the children belonged to the parish and as we now read, a prank threat caused the church to be evacuated during mass today.. The trauma to this small Catholic community is suffering is just unimaginable. ~ Pax, Greg Smith

  2. MarkV says:

    important to determine what caused this man to become a mass murderer.
    What were his early experiences? How was he raised? The issue is not the
    guns. The issue is what causes someone to misuse guns.

    1. abadilla says:

      I agree with you but to some folks it is easier to ban guns which would be to the detriment of good people who won’t be able yo defend thmselves against the criminal element, than to study the issue of what causes someone to misuse guns.

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