Former Playboy Playmate Searches For Noah’s Ark, Prays the Rosary “Every Night” With Her Kids

In an interview with Fox News, former Baywatch star and Playboy Playmate Donna D’Errico talked about her recent hiking trip to Mount Arrarat, where she traveled to fulfil a lifelong dream of searching for Noah’s Ark.

D’Errico says she’s wanted to search for the Ark since she was a child in Catholic School. So when the inevitable subject of religion and questionable choices she made in the past came up, D’Errico put her perspective on things in no uncertain terms:

FOX411: Do you consider yourself a religious person?

DD: Absolutely. I don’t like the term spiritual because I think that’s a cop out. Either you’re religious or you’re not. There’s no spiritual, it’s a silly term that’s become a catchall phrase. If you’re not religious you’re not religious. What does spiritual mean? I go to Mass every Sunday and I pray the rosary every night with my kids.

FOX411: You say you went to Catholic school. Were your parents disappointed when you posed for Playboy?

DD: Listen, I’ve made mistakes and choices in my past that I wouldn’t make today. That’s a chapter in my life that I’ve closed the door on. It seems to me like another person. It’s not who I am today.

It’d be tough to live with a past like hers. Formerly married to Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx, D’Errico’s reputation for being a wild girl isn’t exactly a secret. Being featured in Playboy was, by some accounts, not the greatest of her indiscretions.

But that’s what makes this story so compelling. That she goes to Mass every Sunday is impressive enough, but there are plenty of Sunday Mass-goers who then go out campaigning for pro-abortion Democrats. (For the record, D’Errico is a die-hard Ron Paul fan.) But the fact that she prays the rosary every night with her kids, that’s what really told me this is a woman who has turned her life around.

The rosary is an extremely potent weapon against spiritual darkness. It’s never been my favorite devotion, but it’s one I keep returning to because of its unmistakable and transformative power. It would be very difficult to say the rosary every day and not be changed by it. If you call on her, Mary, the model of purity and human goodness simply gets involved in your life in ways you can’t comprehend. She brings about miraculous conversions. It’s happened in my own family. She fortifies us against our sinful nature, and obtains abundant graces from her Divine Son. And she is so willing, so eager to help us if we will only ask.

I don’t know much about Donna D’Errico’s specific beliefs, or how faithful she is in her Catholicism. But I know Mary’s power, and that’s enough to tell me she’s on the right track. And I don’t think D’Errico is just spouting niceties about the Catholic religion. Have another look at her photo. That’s a miraculous medal she’s wearing.

There’s nothing more impressive to me than a good conversion (or in this case, reversion) story. Good for her, and Deo gratias.



  • Gregg71

    “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.” Welcome home, sister Donna.



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