FOX Sports turns down adultery ad

FOX SportsVia

Kudos to FOX Sports for refusing to air an advertisement during the Super Bowl for an online dating service that specializes in setting up adulterous relationships.*

(They also turned down an ad that would have promoted John 3:!6, but I can accept that.)

The annual lust for Danica Patrick ads are quite enough.


*of course I’m not going to name them or link to them here.



  • Frank Khumrick

    You just gave online dating services, and Danica Patrick some free publicity / advertising! By producing controversial ads, conscienceless companies profit whether their ads are aired or not. The company whose ad was declined got an abundance of publicity that they didn’t even have to pay for. Conscienceless companies will continue to produce objectionable ad as long as people like you write about them and people like me comment about them.

    • Tom Crowe

      Yes, and everytime we mention abortion, contraception, the CHA, and any of the other controversial things we talk about here we also give them free publicity…

  • Bryant

    uh oh. This one is spam.

  • Ambrose Little

    Yeah, and Dannica is not even that hot. I don’t get that. 😉

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  • Greg Smith

    It almost doen’t matter if they “specifically promote adulterous relationships or not. A friend of mine, dateless for almost two years, got a date with match dot com type outfit. The info he provided said he was divorced (She folows Wicca and that’s not an issue in thier religion.) So, nice, ok looking, normal seeming guy. Drinks at the bar, get seated, order dinner, salads arrive, and he mentions he’s maried (Wife, one kid, house in the burbs) My friend carries on a little more prefunctory conversation and excuses her self to go to the ladies room, out the back door and home to her faithful cat. I’ve had friends find thier true love and establish happy marriages from computer dating services. However as romantic as I am, I think those doing this, especially women ought to hear Ronald Reagan whispering in thier ear “Trust but verify.”



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