Fr. Robert Barron Reports from Rome for NBC and Chicago Sun-Times

Wait, what’s this???

A major network and a major newspaper getting a priest to do commentary?

A priest known for his faithfulness to Church teaching?

Was Fr. McBrien not available…or perhaps he couldn’t find his Roman collar that he brings out for TV appearances?

Okay, you get the idea.  Yes, I am surprised that a major television network would tap an evangelist like Fr. Barron.

Fr. Barron runs Word On Fire, one of the leading Catholic media ministries.  He’s produced nearly 200 YouTube commentaries on Faith and Culture, he broadcasts weekly sermons, writes articles for Catholic and secular newspapers alike, gives speeches and retreats across the globe, he’s Professor at Mundelein Seminary, and somehow has found time to create an epic ten-part documentary, CATHOLICISM (release date: Fall 2011).

(Of course, I know all this because I do consulting work for Word On Fire, but whatever, he’s still awesome).

Could it be that the mainstream media is finally open to embracing a strong and faithful Catholic voice?

It seems so.

Here is an amazing clip from CATHOLICISM of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Poland:



  • Jason Phillips

    Thank you for posting this! Will the 10 part documentary be available for private purchase on DVD? When I go to the website it makes it appear that its only for large public screenings. I REALLLLLYYY want to get it for my parents haha!

  • Patrick Thornton

    Matt is a genius!

    As the director of CATHOLICISM, Matt is the person most responsible for the amazing beauty of the film. He does much of the editing himself, getting it just right.

    And you are correct, he is a great family man – and a very cool guy!

  • Marquette Catholic

    You can likely thank Matt Leonard, Today Show correspondent and producer at Picture Show Films, who has a close relationship with Fr. Barron and is producing the Catholicism project. A great family man, thank you Matt Leonard!!



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