From Rome and at home, an unprecedented Catholic push for marriage

American bishops and Pope Benedict himself are making unprecedented statements about the urgent need to defend the definition of marriage in our society, and to provide concrete support to young families.

Let’s start with Bishop Earl Boyea of Lansing, MI – writing about vocations week:

We have a vocation crisis in America. This is not what you think. It is a vocation crisis in marriage. Many are no longer getting married – and too many do not see their marriage as a sacrament, a means of grace for themselves and their families. Yet marriage and family are the natural heart of our society and the spiritual core of our church. Pope John Paul II stated in St. Louis in January 1999: “As the family goes, so goes the nation!” [Continue reading]

Catholic News Service reports on what Pope Benedict said recently about marriage (I am still looking for the full text in English) – unequivocal words:

Describing the family as the “the primary cell of society, … founded on marriage between a man and a woman”, the Pope noted how “it is in the family that children learn the human and Christian values which enable constructive and peaceful coexistence. It is in the family that we learn solidarity between generations, respect for rules, forgiveness and acceptance of others”. In this context he also noted how “the family must, then, be supported by policies … which aim at its consolidation and development, accompanied by appropriate educational efforts”.

“The approval of forms of union which pervert the essence and goal of the family ends up penalising those people who, not without effort, seek to maintain stable emotional ties which are juridically guaranteed and publicly recognised. In this context, the Church looks with favour upon all initiatives which seek to educate young people to experience love as a giving of self, with an exalted and oblational view of sexuality. To this end the various components of society must agree on the objectives of education, in order for human love not to be reduced to an article of consumption, but to be seen and lived as a fundamental experience which gives existence meaning and a goal”.

The pope goes on to call for “giving concrete support for maternity” for not being indifferent to the many abortions that are happening, for the need to care for the elderly, especially those who have no one to care for them already, of the need to support families experiencing financial difficulty, and to address the crisis of unemployment among young people.

Clearly, the pope’s comments on the need to sustain the traditional definition of marriage (as between one man and one woman) exist within a broad framework of supporting these natural marriages in many, many other ways. To put it in a phrase, the pope desires that we create a culture and communities supportive of marriage, because marriage between a man and a women creates and serves communities and culture.

Back on our own shores, Cardinal George (former President of the USCCB) had this to say about legal efforts to redefine the meaning of marriage:

“The Catholic spiritual leader of Chicago visited Boston College recently, where a doctoral student pressed Cardinal Francis George about the Church’s recent opposition to civil-unions legislation recently passed by the Illinois General Assembly.

George told student John Falcone his “argument was not with Mother Church but with Mother Nature,” adding that anyone who advocates same-sex marriage or its equivalent “has lost touch with the common understanding of the human race.”

“No one has the right to change marriage,” George went on to say, neither “the Church” nor “the state.”

While it is one thing “creating laws so that people don’t feel persecuted,” the cardinal explained, “don’t create a law that says apples are oranges.” For a lawmaker to do so, George added, he “betrays his vocation to pass good law,” especially problematic for a “Catholic lawmaker.” [Continue reading]

Whether it is coming from your local pastor, the former head of our bishop-pastors in America, or from the pastor of the universal church, the call is the same: promote marriage!

I intend to personally heed this call. And to that end I have accepted a position with the National Organization for Marriage as their Cultural Director. As always, my writing at AmericanPapist and work in collaboration with CatholicVote will continue uninterrupted. I look for your continued prayers and support!



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  • Leigh

    The commercial is a bit over the top yes……the language is offensive, the message is not. After watching a few other you tube entries by the same organization I did catch a one liner that has not been brought up. One of the things hurting marriage today is the divorce rate but I don’t see anyone up in arms trying to make divorce illegal……mig be better to step back and take a look at the big picture. Divorce and re-marriage is very difficult on the family…..especially children….Although I guess if you just have the Marriage annulled all is good? Where is THAT tidbit of information found in the bible?

    • Leigh

      Oops….forgot to mention that the commercial I am speaking of is from the National Org for Marriage website. I apologize for the confusion…..

  • Leigh

    My suggestion to you is that you actually experience “culture” outside of your own little bubble before you decide to direct anything.

    • marv!!!

      Leigh, great point. Thomas thinks he is an expert on everything, even those things he’s actually never experienced.

  • Kathy Schiffer

    Wow, congratulations, Tom– the National Organization for Marriage is blessed to have you in their camp, helping to promote this most important cause.

  • Bern in RI

    I predict that Rhode Island (the most Catholic of all the states) will be the next state to legalize same-sex marriage. This, in spite of, a big $100K advertising campaign by NOM-RI and opposition from the Bishop of the Diocese of Providence and his Auxiliary.

    I think this will happen within the next three months.

    Let’s face it! NOM’s summer bus tour stop in Providence was a complete flop.

    You know what? If two men or two women love each other so much that they want to make a state-sanctioned lifetime commitment, I think this is wonderful and should be celebrated rather than condemned.

    Thomas, I think you are climbing onto a sinking ship. Maybe time to think about some different career options?

  • jcd

    Some U.S Bishops are sending mixed messages. and RealCatholicTV report on Boston and Denver Archbishops differing on permitting children of gay couples in Catholic schools.


      Thom – I’ve argued in the past that that the Church’s fixation on “Gay Marriage” was leading to bad, unintended consequences. Now this. I hardly believe it! Is the Church so afraid of gay civil marriage (a non-spritual event having mainly to do with things like joint tax resturns) that we’re beig asked to take out our frustrations on SIX YEAR OLDS? To jcd, I can only reply: “But Jesus said, ‘Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.'” Matthew 19:14.

      • James

        Yes Greg. Truly sad. When you discriminate against people it never ends well and tends to snowball. If you can deny gays and lesbians the civil right of marriage in an effort to harm them and their children, surely it’s acceptable to deny their children access to education. Frankly, this animosity against gays and lesbians hurts us as Catholics, and it hurts as a nation.



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