From the “it couldn’t happen here” file…

Catholic schools in Canada will not be able to teach that abortion is wrong:

An official transcript sent to LifeSiteNews by the Ontario government confirms that Dalton McGuinty’s Education Minister told media on Wednesday that Catholic schools should not be teaching that abortion is wrong because it is a violation of the government’s newly-enacted anti-bullying bill.

In comments largely ignored or buried by Canada’s mainstream media, Minister Laurel Broten told a press conference at Queen’s Park that Catholic teaching on abortion is “misogyny…”

In her press conference, Minister Broten went beyond saying that Catholic schools cannot teach their pro-life beliefs, insinuating that they must actually adopt a “pro-choice” position. “We must ensure that … young girls can make the choices that they make. This is not about being pro-abortion, it is about being pro-choice,” she stated…

“Bill 13 has in it a clear indication of ensuring that our schools are safe, accepting places for all our students,” she explained. “That includes of LGBTQ students [sic]. That includes young girls in our school. Bill 13 is about tackling misogyny, taking away a woman’s right to choose could arguably be one of the most misogynistic actions that one could take.”

“There are many, many families that send their children to Catholic school and choose that education for their children that also support a woman’s right to choose,” she continued. “And as I said, I don’t think that there is a contrast or a conflict between choosing a Catholic education for your children and supporting a woman’s right to choose.”

When pro-choice and cuts to teacher salaries collide

Since misogyny means hatred of women, and since arguably half (if not more) of abortions take the lives of unborn girls, it’s hard to not see some misogyny on the pro-choice side as well. Ms. Broten should consider that Catholics who teach true doctrine on abortion, while misogynistic (in her mind) towards young girls in school, at least aren’t killing them.

As a Canadian P.S., “Pro-abortion protesters storm church chanting, ‘If Mary had aborted, we wouldn’t have this nonsense.'” If it gets any more tolerant around here, Catholics may want to start investing in lion repellent.



  • Steve Reasbeck

    It CAN happen in the US and Canada, and is happening. Pray often folks, it’s going to get bumpy.

  • Briana

    So women aren’t allowed to be pro-life, according to be Ms. Broten? Well gosh, I thought being an anti-misogynist meant combating stereotypes against women. But I guess that’s true in Ms. Broten’s mind….

  • abadilla

    Tim, and what are the bishops of Canada saying on this matter? We have a Canadian bishop in a very high position at the Vatican. Has he spoken on this matter?

  • Rich

    Perhaps if the defenders of the Faith would be more easy to identify as having Faith and not in just taking cheap shots then they would be found to be more credible and their voice could be stronger, but when all you want to do is tell how bad people are and trash their concerns about the HOW of the message being able to be framed as Bullying. But perhaps you cannot understand it because you enjoy bullying others as well, and using the Church and Faith and the Political Issue of Abortion as weapons to classify your political opponents as evil and not needing to listen to them.
    Because of the way that you present the issues around abortion, I, for one, seriously doubt your sincerity about abortion. You are much more of an opportunist than you are anyone interested in finding solutions to a real social problem. The pro-life groups need to find people who are truly pro-life and not just anti-abortion or anti-choice, and feel justified in being mean, insulting, and generally narrow minded. The true pro-life Christians can then be heard better, and understood more clearly. When it is made a overly-simplistic political issue, the people of faith (especially those that come acrossed mote hate-filled than Christ-filled) lose with the mere opening of their mouths. Their actions have to do more than just protesting clinics and telling everyone else that they are going to hell. Their actions of a life-long commitment to every child to be born and to the family who may need support that is spiritual and economic are completely missing. When Catholics endorse good medical care to be completely available to all children until adulthood, and are able to put their tax dollars where there protesting mouths are, then we will see the changes that are needed. But when they appear only as interested in the fetus until birth, and feel OK about cutting services to the poor, to women’s health programs, and children’s health programs, education and recreation as well, then it is just a bunch of angry sounding gongs, shouting a lot, but loving very little.

    • Diane

      The Catholic Church I attend supports many, many other ‘beyond birth’ programs. You take a generic and superficial view of Catholics- many of whom go WAY beyond praying the rosary and complaining about Planned Parenthood. You are sadly misinformed about Catholics in general as your comments plainly show,

      • Rich

        I rather doubt that the good people you reference are the ones betraying the cause by being offensive and nasty, telling others that they are going to hell.
        I do not know why you are chosing to attack me when you are promoting the very people that I am defending. We both gather with the same congregation, who work out of love and justice and not just running around marking others as sinners.
        The generic and superficial view of Catholicism is the one promoted by CV, were people are all scared of the government they support, and hate their neighbors for not being Catholic enough. Instead the Catholics that you and I know are the good people who do not use hate or fear to form their conscience, but the very relationship they continually build with Jesus, through prayer and good works and conversations about important issues.
        Your church sounds like one who really takes to heart the message of Jesus and does not become a GOP caucus at election time beating up on each other because they hold positions that differ. I am sure that loving church does not value homogenity of thought as a higher virtue than the Gospel.
        Unfortunately CV is not the Church that you attend, but may the actions of the good people of your church and mine show the love of Jesus so brightly, that even those who hate us, will recognize the unlimited love of Jesus.

      • Curious

        Please ignore this paid troll comment, but please pray for Rich. BufordJr., and Mara. If we all do this, it will be more benefitial towards their conversions than the payments he/she receives from the Soros Obamabot propaganda machine for each paid response he/she baits others into. Notice, they call you names, twist Sacred Scripture to promote their evil ways (imitating Satan well), tell you that Catholic Teachings are wrong, tell you that you are being “mean” and “unkind” to them, posts vile comments, become a guest every once in a while to erase their past comments, and sit on here all day long baiting people to respond so that they can collect their money for each response that they receive (Judas did exactly this). A Hail Mary would be greatly apprecitated. Let us all join Mary in our plea for Rich’s, BufordJr.’s, and Mara’s conversions from their god to God. Thank you, God bless

    • Magdalene Prodigal

      I can tell any pregnant mother where and how to get any help needed and until long after the birth of her child.
      Also I can direct post-abortive women who suffer from the guilt and grief of their decision to programs to help them find healing, forgiveness, and peace.
      As women, we are not meant to kill our children. It is against our nature. It is not ‘freedom’ but license and the consequences are many.

      • Rich

        You are right that you can do this things and should do them in compassion and love, never as a judgment, and never feeling superior despite what they or you have done. As Christians we are called to love even when that is not a part of our nature, for we follow the laws of God, not just nature. But in truth you cannot just tell them, but you need to love fully the woman who is considering an abortion, and in solidarity with her, understand her journey without screaming about murder and hate. It is then when we can act as Christ to her. At the same time do not give Romney your vote without letting him know that you want to hold him accountable. His words are dancing all over. It is your Catholic duty not to endorse him, but to have him endorse you and your work. And pull him to a more full pro-life position that goes WAY beyond just changing the law. If you really believe in him, than make him a true pro-life candidate, and not just one who gets votes by saying he is pro-life. It is fine if you want to change the law, but how about change the situations where people are desperate enough to consider something that is outside their very nature. This is the compassionate action that will truly change the world. In all things Christ.

  • Mik

    Just to clarify, this story is not about Catholic schools “in Canada”, but, specifically, Catholic schools in Ontario, Canada’s largest province. Education in Canada is a matter of provincial jurisdiction and Laurel Broten is the Ontario Miniser of Education. Her comments were directed at the Catholic schools in Ontario only.

    This is not to say that her comments aren’t reason for grave concern.

    • abadilla

      Mik, Indeed it is of grave concern even if it just involves Ontario. I guess this is the price one has to pay if one allows any government funds in our Catholic schools. It is unthinkable for me to even entertain the idea that I would be told I could not tell my students abortion is evil because that would be considered misogynistic teaching. Unbelievable!
      As for our friend Rich, well we can always count on him to contradict church teaching and applaud the culture of death.

      • Mara

        I applaud the Education Minister’s statement. No free country can support a forced birth/anti-choice agenda. That would go against the very principles the Nation was founded upon. I find it very appropriate that the Minister would link her discussion to the anti-bullying laws.

        • Briana

          sure, except for when it comes to bullying the Church into submission…

        • Diane

          So instead we advocate a forced death/anti-life agenda? The Education minister is a bully forcing a religious institution to alter their long held beliefs. I don’t know what principles Canada was founded upon, but as an American, I value freedom of religion.

        • Joe M

          Mara. Do you think that child neglect laws also go against the principles the Nation was founded upon? On what basis does the state punish parents that dangerously neglect their children?

        • Magdalene Prodigal

          The unborn are not free to have the right to life. The taking of an innocent life is murder and also kills the souls of those involved. There is a place called hell where unrepentant murderers go.

        • abadilla

          Look at this, troll Mara has come back to life after a period of silence, and once again she is trying to beat up Holy Mother Church like Rich does. What else is new? Mara, you might want to change your identity like Rich did so we can all waste our time thinking you are a new person at CV.

          • Mara

            abadilla, I applaud you for wanting to end abortion. We both have the same goal. The simple truth is that forced birth is a denial of women’s right of choice in determining when they wish to become a mother. That, in my opinion, is a right all women have. The only way, in my opinion, to end abortion, is to treat the cause of abortion. The ultimate cause of abortion, in my opinion, is low self-esteem which causes bad choices which lead to unwanted pregnancies. Parents need to be taught how to raise the self-esteem of their children.

          • abadilla

            No Mara, we don’t have the same goal. I don’t see a pregnancy as being forced on any woman who has sex with a male, period. The only exceptions being rape or incest when a woman is “literally” forced to have sex, and even then, one can’t kill or murder the being that is within her because that unborn child is always innocent of the circumstances in which he or she was conceived.
            No, no man, no woman, has the “right” to murder an innocent child in the womb of the mother, if we can call “mother” to a woman that butchers her own flesh. This business of a “woman’s right” to an abortion is something the Supreme Court invented as they loosely interpreted the Constitution of this country. Nowhere does it say in the Constitution that women have a right to murder their unborn children, period. Certainly, we can’t possibly believe that the writers of the Constitution wrote a supposed right of women to abort their children, That would have been unthinkable at the time they lived in this country.
            No, the ultimate cause of abortion is women not taking responsibility for their actions and men who have sex and don’t support a woman who ends up pregnant and the way to go is to exterminate their own flesh and blood. I repeat, abortion is an abomination, according to the Second Vatican Council.


      Just to be clear. The vast difference is that Canada does not have an equivalent to the First Amendment. I know a guy who as a Toronto police officer, was asigned to monitor David Duke’s speech. I’m not saying that the minister is right, but on this matter, it’s a comparison of apples and oranges.



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