Funny Math + Bad Bookkeeping= Bad Business

President Obama has offered a so-called compromise on the HHS Mandate. Instead of forcing Catholic institutions to pay for insurance that covers contraceptives, insurance providers will be forced to cover contraception. Yep, same situation, just a different way of keeping books on it. Hmmm, when Enron was exposed, we called it accounting fraud, among other things. Bernie Madoff’s investment practices were denounced as a Ponzi scheme. But when the funny math is proposed by the White House, we call it a compromise. (h/t Josh Mercer/Brian Burch)

The White House’s own spin on the “compromise” is that it will improve access to contraception. So this is all about more contraception, not more conscience. Don’t even get me started on the comments about women’s health:

Covering contraception is cost neutral for insurance companies since it saves money by keeping women healthy and preventing spending on other health services. The President said that nearly 99 percent of all women have relied on contraception at some point in their lives, but more than half of women between the ages of 18 and 34 have struggled to afford it.

Actually, now that I’m on it, I have one response: “Prove it.” Since the conversation about the link between breast cancer and hormonal contraceptives isn’t even allowed to happen, how do we know that hormonal birth control isn’t in fact costing insurance providers more money in undesired side effects? – Not to mention the false sense of security that women can experience when using contraceptives (most of those available) which don’t protect against STDs/STIs. And how do we know that women can’t afford contraception or co-pays for it? Really? As I’ve written before, access to contraception is not the problem. Personal responsibility is.

The HHS mandate has nothing to do with women’s health per se. It’s about mandating ideologies and beliefs regardless of one’s personal convictions.

Additionally, I would add that as a Catholic who is also a business owner, this conversation has to go well beyond Catholic institutions per se. Business owners, regardless of their religious beliefs, ought to be able to provide ethical insurance coverage that doesn’t compromise their freedom of conscience. That freedom is already denied in some states…like Washington.

The HHS debate is far from over. But two things have to be kept in mind:

1. Bad bookkeeping is just fraud; it’s not a compromise.

2. This mandate is about much more than Catholic institutions; it’s about whether individuals can conduct their businesses in accord with their consciences.

More info:

Post by Brian Burch featuring a letter by leading Catholic intellectuals who oppose the compromise.

And, just in case you think we’re blowing the compromise out of proportion, here are Catholics who take the lead in spinning outside of the gym. The only victory here is for those who would squash the rights of conscience of others.



  • Maryred

    Don’t y’all understand the Obama agenda? Shut down all the private institutions forcing the 10s of thousands that we help to turn to the government! The govenement takes more control over people instead of people in control of the govenement! It’s not just about religious freedom, it’s about “all” our freedomes…..

    Where were the Catholics back when Obama, at the beginning of his administration went to speak at a Catholic University and they covered the cross so as not to be offensive to who? Cover the cross, keep covering the cross, keep taking the cross down over our great nation and around the world and this is what you get! It is not subtle anymore, it’s not about just abortion, it’s about removing Christ from our lives. Even Christ gives us a choice, to follow Him or not! This government wants to take our choice(s) away from us….WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Toledo Bill

    I’ve been in insurance industry for 26 years. When an employer buys health insurance, they have many options to buy or add separately to the basic plan. They can can add dental, RX glasses, or prescriptions for example to basic plan for their employees. They add the option – they pay for the option. Suppose we no longer have the prescription option but included it as part of basic plan. The employer paying the premium for health insurance is still paying for the prescription coverage even though the cost is buried in the premium and the coverage is buried in the health coverage plan. To say burying it in the premium is a fix to the conscience issue is sophomoric.

    If you buy a car with with added options or the “option” is included in the base price, you are still paying for it.

  • Julie T.

    The president is using the same tactic he used to ram his atrocious healthcare mandate into law: divide and conquer by peeling off those Catholics who were temporarily united with their more prudent brethren. He also has the nerve to point the finger at Republicans to say they tried to create a wedge issue out of this matter. A president who doesn’t understand a violation of the First Amendment–or any of those in our Bill of Rights–should give anyone pause. Catholycs are foolish if they trust him yet again.



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