Gay Marriage Signs You Won’t See

When marriage goes on trial at the Supreme Court this year during Holy Week, expect to see protesters sharing their opinions on placards outside.

But don’t expect to see signs like those below.

My inspiration in creating them is a conference years ago where Rick Santorum was speaking. Homosexual activists had gathered outside to protest against the event, silently walking in a circle with signs that suggested Rick Santorum should not speak.

I thought they needed a message to rally around, so I jumped in line (much to the chagrin of my embarrassed daughter) and, pumping my fist in the air, chanted “No free speech for Santorum! Silence Rick Santorum!” A couple of them looked at me angrily … a few studiously ignored me, but I think a couple of them got my drift and thought it was kind of cool.

So in that spirit, I offer Gay Marriage Signs You Won’t See.

I know that gay marriage supporters don’t like to talk a lot about what marriage is. But they essentially want to change its definition from “society’s help for child-bearing and child-rearing couples” to “a note from the government saying ‘Thanks for letting us know you’re in love!'” I wish they would just come out and say it:

Gay Marriage Signs You Won't See

Or, in that spirit, maybe a sign showing a more complete accounting of the definitional change they are looking for would be helpful:

Gay Marriage Signs You Won't See

Of course, the way the argument is being framed, you have to either say “Potential parents’ struggles, needs and value to society are unextraordinary” or you are a bigot. The problem is, that’s insane, counter-intuitive and opposed not just to millennia of human wisdom but also counter to leading lights of our time. Well, they might as well say it:

Gay Marriage Signs You Won't See

Or, to fit the new Hollywood Buddhist craze, how about:

Gay Marriage Signs You Won't See

Or, heck, why not stay American? Why not make the point this way?

Gay Marriage Signs You Won't See

One last one then I’ll be done. Those “Coexist” bumper stickers are lovely, I think, as far as they go. I definitely believe that we should coexist with people who believe differently from the way we do!

Supporters of homosexual marriage aren’t for the whole “Coexist” thing. So why don’t they say so?

Gay Marriage Signs You Won't See



  • mominvermont

    If You Believe Children of Gays Deserve a Mom and a Dad
    You Are a Bigot

    • SearchCz

      And what do children who do not have this opportunity deserve? Do you imagine your opposition to marriage equality helps these kids? Surely the added stability and legal guarantees of marriage, afforded to a child’s parent and his or her partner, would be a better situation for that child than having a single parent in a non-codified relationship.



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