Gay press admits: Illinois civil union bill likely to force Catholic Charities away from foster care

Gov. Pat Quinn signed a civil unions bill that is now threatening foster care done by Catholic Charities

It is believed that if the government were not involved in promoting charity through our tax dollars then important services, from foster care to K-12 education, wouldn’t get done and people would be left out who need help.

In public education, government is both the purchaser and the provider (they build and operate the schools–and they only subsidize their own schools). Other services like foster care, government provides the funding, but not the care. Private and religious organizations provide foster care and they receive as much as 50% of their funding from the state government.

So what happens when gay activists call for special recognition in law of their same-sex relationships? Well, it means that any organization that receives state funding will then be ordered to treat same-sex couples just like married couples. But Catholic-based organizations cannot do this because it would be a lie to consider these relationships the same. Which is why Catholic Charities no longer does adoption services in Boston, Washington or San Francisco.

And that appears to be happening in Illinois, where Gov. Pat Quinn last December signed a civil unions bill into law. Kendall Marlowe, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) admitted to the Windy City Times, a Chicago gay newspaper, that religious-based charities will likely soon face a difficult choice: change their policy or refuse state funding. (Which is exactly what Cardinal George warned when Illinois lawmakers were debating the civil unions bill.)

Marlowe [said] the passage of the state’s civil-unions legislation—which officially becomes law on June 1—has further contributed to an already “very complex set of interrelated legal issues” concerning the faith-based agencies’ denial of foster care licenses to same-sex couples. Private foster care agencies—many of whom are faith-based, the majority of whom do not bar same-sex couples—oversee some 80 percent of the state’s foster children.

… The possible result of these conversations will likely come down to a choice for the agencies involved: Change their policy and allow for openly gay and lesbian people to be licensed as foster parents or lose state funding.

This is the pernicious influence of the state. They start with a noble intent: Let’s provide state funding for foster care so no one is left out in the cold. Charities appreciate this because more persons are helped, but also because they no longer have to worry as much about raising funds. After all, the state guarantees them a revenue stream, so long as they play ball and obey all the rules.

But as often becomes the case, the state keeps making more and more demands. Pretty soon the religious charity faces two options: betray their faith and accept the state money or get out of that charitable enterprise altogether.

During debate on the civil unions bill, one lawmaker said Cardinal George was being misinformed by someone.

Rep. Greg Harris, whose website declares him to be “the highest ranking openly gay elected official in the State of Illinois,” cosponsored the bill. He has claimed that the cardinal’s anxieties about religious liberty are unfounded, since the bill purports not to “interfere with or regulate the religious practice of any religious body.”

So that was a complete lie.

Hat tip: National Organization for Marriage.



  • Lars

    Catholic Charities running from the adoption services sounds like a win-win for everyone. My grandfather lived in a Catholic orphanage for several years as a child and was beaten daily by nuns. I’d rather a smart, caring, gay person raise a child than a hypocritcal straight person or any Catholic clergy members. Do you care about children or are you so focused one aspect of a person’s life? There are straight people out there that shouldn’t be anywhere near a child and child molesters are all over the Catholic church clerg – why aren’t you spending the same energy and effort cleaning your own house? I think the reality is that you don’t care about children, you care about money.

  • Kevin

    Watch: our small government/libertarian “friends” will react to this growing de facto ban on Catholic institutions by sneering that Catholics should never have gotten involved in government in the first place. They either miss the point or they think this is progress.



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