Get your “I Support Religious Freedom” bumper sticker!

This election is about religious freedom.

That’s why we MUST do everything we can to elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

A CV subscriber helped design this fantastic new bumper sticker for everyone to use. We have loads of them ready to go out to anyone that can make a contribution of $5 or more right now!

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If you can donate more than $5, you can help us deliver thousands of these bumper stickers into swing states like Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin. A $50 gift will cover the cost of printing and sending 130 stickers to Catholic voters in states that will be critical battlegrounds in November.

Today marks 75 days until Election Day 2012.

Are you ready for November?

Every four years we hear the adage “the most important election of our lifetime.” But this year that phrase is real. The foundational issues of life, marriage, and religious liberty have been under assault for years. But 2012 will truly be decisive.

Actually, someone recently said that 2012 is not the most important election of our lifetime. That was 2008. But 2012 is our chance to fix that mistake.

Either way, the future of religious liberty — the foundational right to practice our Faith — is on the line this November. This right encompasses all that we cherish in America — life, family, faith, and freedom. It all begins with the right to obey our consciences and follow Jesus Christ.

It’s really that simple. America must choose.

Let’s stand up together and help America make the right choice.

Get your bumper sticker today.




  • Some Guy

    I really don’t see what any candidate has to do with religious freedom. That is a protected right under the constitution… you could vote for a snake and you’ll still get it. And, by the way, if you vote for Romney… well never mind, that’s redundant.

  • nancy freeman

    Are these bumper stickers easy to remove from cars or do I need to put them on magnetic covers?

  • Jeannette

    How can I get a bunch of bumper sticketrs to pass out in Ohio? I would also like 2 of them for our cars.
    Thank you!

  • Eric Giunta

    Any plans to make these into Facebook-friendly cover photos?

    • Maria

      They did!


    Please send me your mailing address so I can send you money!
    Thank you,
    Kenny Skellie

  • kgoldy

    Romney/Ryan want to limit the religious freedoms of some Americans by using the force of law to stop them from living their lives based on their beliefs. They want to eliminate some American families from protection of our laws because they don’t like those families. Romney signed a pledge to investigate some Americans because of their religious views. It appears that Romney/Ryan are against religious liberty and that these bumper stickers are grossly inaccurate.

    • KWKid

      Without knowing the source of your so-called information, you sound much like Harry Reid who
      makes comments based upon an unknown source. Personally,
      I don’t believe a word you said, and I’m surprised that
      there are so many who gave you a “thumbs up” without
      you providing any sources. Takes all kinds, I guess.

    • Mary

      If the “beliefs” you are referring to are your “rights” to terminate life (or more plainly stated -kill unborn children), then you are sadly misguided. This is not a “right”, it is murder. If you are referring to homosexuality, Romney/Ryan do not dislike you. They are not telling you that you can’t live together. They are telling you that marriage is a union between a man and woman. Period. I know several gay couples. I like them as people very much. I can see they love each other very much. It is not for me to judge their way of life. There is only One who can do that. BUT, they do not have a MARRIAGE.
      The religious freedom these bumper stickers refer to are the rights of those of us who refuse to pay for abortions, because it is murder…the rights of those of us who believe in chastity outside of marriage. People who believe that birth control is unnatural and immoral, should not be MADE to pay for birth control for those who want it. If you want birth control – buy it yourself. If you want an abortion, I will pray for your change of heart, but don’t demand that I pay for it. That is the religious freedom that we want. This is a website for christians and others who are of good morals who are trying to support the man who will make sure our true RIGHTS are protected. Why are you even posting here?

    • ‘Sconsin Patriot

      Um, do you have the right party? Churches should not be forced to pay for anyone’s contraception or abortion (i.e. insurance), Romney/Ryan tells me they will repeal that. I would like the source of your information.
      ALSO…..I DO support religious freedom, so why would that statement be inaccurate????



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