Glenn Beck: We are all Catholics now

Love him or hate him, the clip below from Glenn Beck about his recent visit to the Vatican is both provocative and interesting.  I’m not sure how much I make of the recent State Department listing of the Vatican as a “money laundering” concern.  Beck not surprisingly sees a nefarious plan at work.  Regardless, his citing of the spiritual war ahead is hardly far fetched.

Separately, his interest in the Vatican (he discusses taking his children to the recent consistory to witness history), is worth noting.  Like every challenge in the Church’s history, the current HHS mandate controversy has created a great opportunity to witness to what it means to be Catholic.

Lest we forget, non-Catholics are watching us now like never before.  May God give us the courage to be His faithful servants.

Beck warns:

I believe the Vatican is actively engage in a very different kind of battle…They are in a spiritual battle…They are gearing up for a spiritual battle unlike anything we have ever seen.

Later he says to his large Evangelical audience:

You cannot stand alone. You cannot sit this one out. We are all Catholics now.




  • home

    Your effectiveness will suffer if you dont decouple your experience of injustice from your treathening behavior. Being non treatening in your approach to people will actually give you a chance for putting more fire pwer behind your manifestation.

  • Tim Monahan-Mitchell

    Was the phone call with Glenn Beck and Catholics recorded?

    • michael P

      I’m looking for the phone call too. This is the only reference to Glenn Beck at this site.

      BTW: Even though Glenn is now Mormon, as a longtime listener and viewer, I can see Glenn’s Catholic roots in the way he expresses his faith. He may not realize it but he sounds more like a Catholic than a Mormon every time he talks about spiritual matters.



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