Glenn Beck: We are all Catholics now

Love him or hate him, the clip below from Glenn Beck about his recent visit to the Vatican is both provocative and interesting.  I’m not sure how much I make of the recent State Department listing of the Vatican as a “money laundering” concern.  Beck not surprisingly sees a nefarious plan at work.  Regardless, his citing of the spiritual war ahead is hardly far fetched.

Separately, his interest in the Vatican (he discusses taking his children to the recent consistory to witness history), is worth noting.  Like every challenge in the Church’s history, the current HHS mandate controversy has created a great opportunity to witness to what it means to be Catholic.

Lest we forget, non-Catholics are watching us now like never before.  May God give us the courage to be His faithful servants.

Beck warns:

I believe the Vatican is actively engage in a very different kind of battle…They are in a spiritual battle…They are gearing up for a spiritual battle unlike anything we have ever seen.

Later he says to his large Evangelical audience:

You cannot stand alone. You cannot sit this one out. We are all Catholics now.




  • Denny


    Though non-catholic, I am a Christian and firmly believe that Christianity and Judaism are in for the greatest battle ever fought for the souls and minds of men. Islam (radical) is a huge threat to all other religions on the planet, and the idea of Sharia Law being imposed globally would be a disaster making Hitler and Mao look like angels by comparison. Only God can help us now.

    Denny from Texas

  • fran

    I am very happy to know that Glen is coming home. Welcome, Glen

  • John

    Natural law has consequences if disobeyed that is why the churches moral teaching is intrinsically tied with it.

  • Brian A. Cook

    I’m sorry, I cannot follow Glenn Beck. He is a notorious conspiracy theorist and demagogue. I don’t have to the time or energy to hunt down examples as I am also doing online schoolwork. I wish I could offer more than my say-so right now.

    • Alice

      Examples are not needed. Christian values if within you should enter the voting booth with you. Our constitutional rights to all the freedoms including religion must be up held. Religions, including the Jewish beliefs, Protestants, Mormons. this should not be taken from us. Judge not Glenn Beck, vote and promote your beliefs.

  • Brenda Reilly

    I am a former Catholic and I will never go back. My mother had 9 kids because the priest told her she would go to hell if she used birth control. Who would believe something so stupid as that? I stopped going to church when I turned 18 and went to college. When I met my husband, a protestant, we started going to his church. The paster, being a family man himself, understood how families worked. Because he had a gay daugher he understood the harm that anti-gay prejudice caused. I am so happy to be apart of a church that doesn’t dictate what I should think and do!

    • Brian C

      Which if your siblings do you now wish were never born?

    • Alice

      There is only one GOD for all of us. The Bible says
      “As you judge, so shall you be judged.” Priest are human beings they are not without error and will be judged by God, just as you and I. I am glad you believe in Christianity and wish you a good life.


    • Michael

      Brenda, the Priest can not and would never force someone to have lots of children, even if he did say these things to your mom, she is not required to listen. Birth control can not replace reason and abstaining while your wife is fertile. (a basic biology class should tell you that) just another fallen away person that blames the Catholic Church for their unresolved problems.

  • Keith

    I would have to say that making the statement that his audience is largely evangelical has no empirical backing. I am a Catholic and I watch Mr. Beck because he is one of the few out there actually warning about what could take place in the world and what the main issues of the day really are.

    Now, in a previous show, the first show he came back from his trip over to Rome and Greece, he mentioned about how much peace he found while at the Vatican.



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