God Bless Mika Brzezinski!

A blogger interview Rick Santorum did months ago has gotten play everytime he has had a surge. And so it is going into the Michigan primary. He talked about the dangers of contraception and that he would not walk away from his beliefs as president. That, of course, doesn’t mean a President Santorum would move to outlaw contraception, and he has made that clear in subsequent interviews. Morning Joe, as much of MSNBC has and does, addressed his comments and general beliefs and willingness to talk about them this morning. And co-host Mika Brzezinski defended him:

BRZEZINSKI: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with believing that, I really don’t. I don’t think that means he’s going to ban birth control across the board.  Those are his personal beliefs. And I think that as a father, and a man who’s held public office, he’s lived up to them, it appears. Which makes it interesting for the conversation, and it’s a conversation probably every family should have, about birth control and its role in society with their own kids.  He’s got his own, and he stands by them, and I think he’s an interesting part of the national conversation in terms of where our society is going. And there is a lot of risky behavior out there that happens to be connected to birth control. So there’s a whole other side to this conversation.  And not once did I say should it be banned, or should it not be covered by health insurance. ButI think it’s OK to have those beliefs or those concerns.

I mentioned this on Laura Ingraham’s show this morning and guest host Raymond Arroyo ended the segment, Kathryn Lopez stands with Mika Brzezinski — I sure do here. And thank her. That is a brave thing, to be that honest. We know from the recent Komen incident how kindly the liberal feminist sisterhood receives common sense, and their tolerance for those who stray from their women’s health talking points.

UPDATE: Thank Brzezinski here.



  • doubting thomas

    I just found the list. Are folks here all agreed that all the drugs on the list should be banned or use or availability regulated?



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