Google thinks “Joseph Ratzinger ” should be followed by “Nazi”

Hey Google: careful there, your despicable bias is showing:

That’s a screen capture of what happens when you type “Joseph Ratzinger ” (the space after “Ratzinger” is intentional) into the Google search bar. You find out that he was a Nazi and a member of Hitler Youth, and that this eeeeeevil character has written a book on Jesus of Nazareth.

I’m sure a few people have searched for “Joseph Ratzinger Nazi” and “Joseph Ratzinger Hitler Youth,” but enough to make those the top two suggested searches? Um, no.

So what’s the deal, Google?



  • Jim

    Meethinks Google should be followed by—“Communist”!

  • ChChartres

    Guys look at this and tell me what exactly is Google’s bias:

  • Matthew16

    While I am skeptical that someone at Google is deliberately tinkering with the algorithim to maliciously skew the search results, I also haven’t seen anyone suggest that this may have been a malicious case of “Google Bombing” by outside actors, not affiliatred with Google, in order to artificially influence the ranking given to a site by the algorithm.

    If anyone recalls, some examples were: returning the result “miserable failure” for a search of President George W. Bush; or when searching for “French military victories” returning the result “Not found; did you mean ‘French military defeats’?…”

    The Google bombs may or may not be funny, based on your tastes, and Google has previously said they were creating fixes to prevent such blatant skewing of the search results. I don’t doubt, though, that dedicated hackers could still find an exploitable loophole. Just a thought.

    • Tom Crowe

      Good point–I have heard of such things. This may be another of those.

  • Jack Regan

    While this is clearly sickening, it’s not googles personal conscious bias, but rather their algorithms based on search data.

    In other words, it suggests following it by ‘Nazi’ because lots of people do!!

    It’s the people we need to tackle, not google. Google are just writing codes that predict behaviour.



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