Reader: GOP wins 2 House seats, Sandoval endorses Perry, McDonnell super-popular in Virginia

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It’s been 88 years since a non-Democrat won New York’s 9th Congressional District, held recently by scandal-tarnished Anthony Weiner. The New York City district covers portions of Queens and Brooklyn. But yesterday, pro-life and pro-family Catholic Bob Turner won the seat by a large margin, 54% to 46%. Mark Amodei, the Republican, also easily won the special election in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District 58% to 36% over NARAL-endorsed Kate Marshall. NPR called the two defeats “demoralizing” for Democrats.

While the number of pro-abortion Republicans has plummeted since the mid-1990s, there are still some that get elected. One is Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, who professes to be Catholic. Yesterday Sandoval endorsed Rick Perry’s presidential campaign. Political reporter Jon Ralston says Sandoval and Perry have a “strong friendship.” Would Rick Perry consider naming the Hispanic governor of a swing state as his running mate? If he did, he would violate his pledge with the Susan B. Anthony List. The Texas governor pledged to “select pro-life appointees for relevant Cabinet and Executive Branch positions.” (PDF). But the endorsement will likely help Perry compete in the Nevada caucuses (an early voting state in the presidential primaries). Nevada, with its large Mormon population, was once considered an easy Romney win, but a recent poll in Nevada showed Perry actually leading Romney.

Yeah, Rick Perry low-balled the amount of money he’s received from Merck by a factor of five. His PAC received $28,000 from the pharmaceutical company which produces the Gardasil vaccination that Perry forced all Texas girls to receive. Voters will have to determine whether this amount of money proves that Perry’s motivations were not as pure as he claims. Michele Bachmann has relentlessly pushed the issue, even after Perry backed down and admitted his order was a mistake. In fact radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh thinks Bachmann’s decision to cite a mother claiming Gardasil caused her daughter to become mentally handicapped proves that Bachmann may have ‘jumped the shark’ – a pop culture reference that means a once credible force has now become a farce.

ABC News is uncovered embarrassing details of the Obama administration influence in securing a $535 million loan to a Solyndra, a “green energy” firm that recently went bankrupt and shut its doors two weeks ago. The firm is now the subject of a criminal investigation and their factory was raided by the FBI in a joint investigation with the Energy Department’s inspector general. ABC News noted: “One of the largest private investors in the deal, Oklahoma billionaire George Kaiser, was also a prominent fundraiser for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.”

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, a pro-life Republican (and Catholic) enjoys sky-high approval ratings from just about every demographic. 61% of Virginians approve of the job he’s doing, including 79% of Republicans and 67% of independents. He’s managed to get even footing among Democratic voters (39% in support and 40% opposed). A plurality of Blacks also approve of McDonnell, with 46% in support and 32% opposed. Conservative blogger Christian Heinze says this poll will amplify talk of McDonnell as a possible Vice Presidential pick next year — especially since Virginia is a definite swing state next year. Virginia’s Constitution only allows governors to serve one consecutive term.

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Dr. Gerard Nadal is the new National Director of Med Students for Life.



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