Grace & a Rose

There’s been a lot of debate here and elsewhere about the morality of what Lila Rose and Live Action are doing (I was fond of Jody’s item). I don’t even pretend to be a philosopher on TV, so I’m not going to enter that fray. But I do want to say that Rose strikes me as someone who truly feels a call. Pray for her. I’m thanking God for the opportunities these videos are providing. May grace do what it does best here. What peace it could bring!


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  • Everett

    I think this is an excellent post. If anything, what all this discussion points to is that lying is a tricky area in moral theology that more work needs to be done on to make it more clear.

    Additionally, if no one cared about the work Lila was doing, there would be no debate. This also provides an opportunity for Lila to refine her approach to these activities to perhaps better avoid lying while still achieving her admirable results.

  • bubbabubbos

    Given the fact that lives are quite literally at stake, questioning the morality of Live Action’s Planned Parenthood(PP) undercover operations is a luxury. Furthermore, it is a luxury the unborn children Live Action is trying to save will never have if PP has their way.

    Having said that, let me engage in that ‘luxury’ for a moment. The use of deception as a crucial tool in an effort to expose the truth is both wide-spread and appropriate. Catholic police officers regularly use this tactic when they take part in an undercover operation as well as when they interrogate suspects in an effort to get a confession. Are these officers guilty of a moral transgression? I think not. They are making a good faith effort to serve the cause of justice. That is what Live Action is also doing. If they were using their undercover tactics to somehow exploit or in any way victimize innocent people, that would be a different story.

    I for one, applaud Lila Rose and her Live Action colleagues. I think their efforts are heroic and pro-life peoples off all faiths should cease the hand-wringing over their tactics.



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