Grace and Mercy

There is so much to be said about this weekend in New York, but Archbishop Dolan has it right: Let us pray.



  • HV Observer

    Has anybody else here checked the Archdiocese of New York blog page? It looks like it may have been hacked. I’ve been trying to reach it for a while and I get only “problem loading page.”

  • Bill

    Pray? Read the NY Times article on how this bill was passed and it will confirm everything (obliquely) that I have said all along, i.e., that a “fix” was in on this from the beginning. The parochial schools will continue to get State aid and the Church will be protected from prosecution by the State. Cuomo the Catholic will not be condemned in any way and he will continue to take Communion whenever it pleases him.
    Ed Peters will continiue to produce brilliantly researched articles citing Canon Law until he finally realizes he might as well be citing the Handbook for Hobbits. Dolan should have the decency to step down and Archbishop Burke should assume the post of Archbishop of New York as well as his responsibilities at the Signatura. By the way, would the Church be any worse off if we had no Pope?

  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    Indeed, may God deliver us from the evil we have let slip by. And though it is under the Archbishops watch that this has happened he is not the only one to blame, this problem did not begin with the current generation but was created when the now Gov Cuomo first began to be instructed in his faith. It is in the shoulders and under the tutelage of old trendies like the Bishop of Rochester, the Bishop of Albany and of course the now outraged Bishop of Brooklyn the crooked band of brothers that sign their names to papers saying that they strongly oppose gay marriage and yet when they go back to their diocese do nothing to affirm Church teaching but rather punish, and threatened those that would even address this evil from the pulpit.

    Strong words we hear from the episcopate well strong words is all we ever get, no actions. What will come of Mr. Cuomo who scandalizes the Church this very day with calling him self Catholic and being at the very center of the “gay pride” festivities who keeps living in sin openly with live-in girlfriend? I tell you what will happen to Mr. Cuomo, absolutely nothing. He will received on Sunday with open arms, he will partake in the sacrifice of the Mass and take communion with a smile.

    So indeed pray, pray for the Church that God with give us Bishops that believe the Faith and defend it as the mystical body of Christ not another experiment in social welfare.

  • Davide

    World of regrets. What could have been, should have been, is no more. Bishops have a awesome responsibility and they will be judged like no others. For 40 years American Bishops have been plagued with cowardice. Now we all are force to lay in the bed of their making. They should have been Shepards when they were politicians. Should have been fathers when they were boys. I do hold them accountable for what has happened in New York. When a “catholic” Governor advocates and promotes social engineering and two other “catholics” cast the deciding vote for that “cause”-we are in big doo-doo. We must pray for our bishops but its time they stand up and defend the Church, family and especially children. They should have taken a stronger position long before this past weekend. As Catholics we need to forgive these bishops but with contrite hearts they must seek our forgiveness. They will be responsible for great harm and probably persecution that is coming our way. The question remains-will they have courage to protect their flock?



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