Graffiti artist attacks St Peter’s Basilica using lasers

What a stupid stunt:

A Banksy-style street artist caused outrage in Italy when he projected graffiti onto the Pope’s St Peter’s Basilica dome saying: “Wash Me.”

Artist Iginio De Luca says he staged the stunt as a protest against the paedophile sex scandal that has engulfed the Catholic church.

The graffiti- saying Lava Mi in Italian – was lit up for more than an hour on Monday evening before it was taken down.

“I was suggesting that the Church should show it’s kind, spiritual face rather than the greedy one that gives rise to these double standards,” he explained. [Austrian Times]

Why stupid? Because the Church, and the pope himself, have continuously shown its “kind, spiritual face” in response to the clergy sexual abuse scandal. Once again we see that hatred of the Church is primarily marked by ignorance, not understanding.

This graffiti “artist” is yet another case in point of this sad fact.



6 thoughts on “Graffiti artist attacks St Peter’s Basilica using lasers

  1. enough! says:

    wonder what the laws are at Vatican City or in Rome regarding
    wreckless endangerment: it would seem he was using laser lights – with a fair degree of power.
    oh, yeah, Iggy, very funny – ha, ha.

  2. David M says:

    I think the “artist” achieved what he wanted – he got some cheap publicity. The truth, for him, is without doubt a secondary issue. Also, I think the title “artist” is used rather liberally these days. Shining words on a building (which has happens to be true art) is not art, but something which small children do with crayons on the living room wall…

  3. Panda Rosa says:

    I know I’m an Ugly American, but I’d like to hope that “Wash Me” is also literally meant, like when someone writes the same words on a dirty car window. The great Dome does bear a good deal of Rome’s smog and grime.
    Whatever his sentiments I’d like to make the graffitist himself wash St. Peter’s.

  4. Sandra Gray says:

    He who is without sin cast the first stone.

  5. Fr. Peter says:

    Artist – Cleanse thyself.

  6. Bruce says:

    What? Someone is not interesting in learning the truth? Surely, you jest.

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