Grammys confirm that anti-Catholicism is still in vogue

Two words came to my mind after watching Nicki Minaj’s bizarre exorcism hip-hop performance (click at your own risk) on last night’s Grammy Awards: talentless and coward.

From a mock confession, to the use of our sacred music (O Come Let us Adore Him), to an altar boy knelt in prayer between the legs of a half-dressed dancer, the Grammy’s confirmed America’s last acceptable prejudice.

When it was over, the host, LL Cool J smoothly introduced the next act without even the slightest comment.

Sadly, there’s nothing new about pop stars combining sex and Catholic imagery. True, Madonna lost a Pepsi contract for donning stigmata and dirty dancing with St. Martin de Porres in a music video (click at your own risk). But that was more than 20 years ago and hundreds of “artistic” affronts against the Catholic Church later.

By now, Catholics are used to these insults. Crucifixes in urine, defaced Madonnas, and tasteless jokes about our beloved pope. When offended, we complain to each other in emails. We pray for our kids and the state of what passes for culture these days. And we hope for at least a press release from Bill Donohue of the Catholic League the next day.

There’s nothing avant garde or artistically brave about attacking the Church.

The Catholic Church doesn’t issue fatwas.



  • Caesar J. B. Squitti

    Just a note…there has been proof for some 25 years that the devil did deceived “Adam and Eve” and mainstream media has kept it from you.

    Check out ‘half-truths’ on

    Cult-feminists have used these true half-truths, truths that lie because they are part of the truth, to polarize the sexes and attack the family.

    Example: Stop violence against women, ignores the other forms of abuse of women, and totally ignore men and children.


  • Jan

    Thank God I couldn’t stay awake to see it!

  • espe

    I did not watch Mad dunnie (madonna) because I will not subject myself to a useless Satanic performance. That’s her forte!

  • Maria D. Reynoso

    Too ignominious to even comment on!Our whole society does not deserve it.

  • Jason

    You decry (rightfully so) Minaj’s performance last night, but end the piece with a bit of Islamaphobia. That’s hypocritical.

    • Bruce

      You’re being judgmental, Jason. That’s hypocritical. :)

    • toledo bill

      You miss the point. i think he was actually pointing out how non brave these “artists” are. I think the author is saying is if they were truly cutting edge and brave and believed in their art and music, they would attack Islam, who might kill them.

    • Sarah

      I think the point she makes is regarding the double standard our society has. She used an example that IF Minaj’s perfomance had been disrespecting Islam the same way it disrespected Catholicism, there would be a huge outcry from our society and Minaj’s career would be over. It would probably be compared to a hate crime, she would be called prejudice or a bigot, and the least insensitive

      But it wasn’t about Islam it was about Catholics which is okay with everyone, because it is the last acceptable prejudice.

  • Action-Oriented

    Thanks for bringing attention to this, Rachel. Do you have a number to call / an address to email to complain?

    • Andrea

      Complain to CBS for airing the grammys.

      • Here is my feedback to them I just submitted

        I was very offended by the mocking of our Catholic faith during the grammys. To approve of a performance like that is a truly shameful thing. I wish you hadn’t. One good thing has come from this. Ms. Minaj and your television station will indeed get inundated with prayers for every soul who allowed it to air.

        You have a great responsibility being an organization that reaches so many people and you must take it seriously.
        Please choose with caution what you allow to air. The Catholic faith brings salvation to souls, and since we as humans are in a position of temporarily living on earth only to exist forever in eternity, we must recognize the gravity in the choices we make daily that will determine our eternal fate.

        Thank you for your ear. My prayers are with you all.



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