Green People Get Drunk And Wreckesss

A site for all things Chicken Little has a fun little typo…

Apparently too much CO2 is bad for certain fish species because it makes them do things they otherwise wouldn’t do. Like swim too close to predators. Or guardrails, or something. Because, you know, they get drunk and start slurring their words and they get “wreckesss” like earthweek web editorsssss.

For the record, I’m very glad God made the heavens and the earth and declared it all good, and then even “very good,” once humanity was introduced on the scene to subdue the earth and be steward to it. And I’m especially grateful for all the natural processes He put in place that make things happen in ways and on time scales that we simply do not understand. I just wish the chicken little types would accept that a little more and devote their energies to problems that are more pressing and immediate—like real solutions to AIDS, malaria, and HPV prevention, and eradicating the scourge of abortion. Those are real things that could be done right now to solve immediate planetary problems rather than nebulous, possible, not-quite-proven, tiny projections of hints of problems for our grandchildren’s great great grandchildren, or some such.



  • Rob Sisson

    Climate change is severely impacting some of the very issues you mention. Drought in Asia and Africa is causing famine, mass migration, and war. In other areas, warmer weather is causing increases in insect populations, spreading malaria and other diseases.

    The scientific evidence is very clear now that toxins introduced into the air by fossil fuel burning power plants has huge negative impacts on fetuses. The number of babies born with dangerous levels of mercury already in their systems is staggering.

    God designed a marvelous plan to store excess carbon underground in the form of coal and oil. The Biblical passage about “dust unto dust” describes the carbon cycle. God may have intended for us to use oil and coal in moderate amounts that would not upset His plan–it’s not for me, or humans, to question God.

    The US Military has recognized global climate change as one of the top national security threats facing America. That means, our top military brass anticipate that we will be involved in regional, if not global, conflicts for the foreseeable future caused by problems related to climate change.

    I do know that actions we take today will impact future generations. Bad decisions made today will only magnify the problems for our grandchildren.

    I’m pro-life for many reasons–the greatest is I believe God imbues each human being with a soul at the moment of creation. I’m pro-environmental protection because God called us to tend His garden and to be good stewards of Creation.

    You need only google “Pope Benedict XVI, climate change” to see the Papal position on the topic.

    • Tom Crowe

      Rob– Yes, and DDT would do away with malaria in Africa, if people would get over the manufactured outrage over its use. So that’s out the window. “The U.S. military” you cite is presently led by Obama political appointees. *Of course* “the U.S. military” believes as its Chicken Little CinC believes. As for what will cause the conflicts, human activity vis-a-vis other humans (greed, oppression, autocracy, hoarding of food stores, threatening regional neighbors with annihilation, old tribal conflicts, etc.) cause current and future conflicts, not bad weather. And “the papal position on the topic” is the position of Pope Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger, not of The Catholic Church (as in, official dogmatic teaching). So we would do well to consider the pope’s opinion on this matter, but his opinion on this matter is not morally binding. I’m always amused when people (and i’m not saying you necessarily fall into this category, Rob) who would otherwise dissent from or downplay *actual* infallible teachings on things like women priests and contraception start touting the personal opinions of popes on matters like climate change as though *those* are the teachings all Catholics must necessarily, absolutely hold as Truth.

  • keceprokice

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