Groundhog Day

From a CV reader this AM:

An examination of the calendar for 2011 reveals that Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address will occur on the same day.

Ironic, isn’t it?

One event involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of limited intelligence for prognostication.

The other involves a groundhog.



  • Tom Sofio

    In fact, the State of the Union address takes place on January 25 in 2011. Rewrite the opening line to the joke this way:

    President Obama’s State of the Union Address and Groundhog Day fall within one week of each other.


    I like the humor. It’s in the finest tradition of Will Rogers.

  • michael

    Oh, lighten up folks! Political satire does not enter into the realm of being un-Christian. For goodness sake.

    • marv!!!

      Michael, your post reminds me of the many times I’ve heard a joke about Black people, Polish people, Catholics, Jewish people, etc. followed by “hey, I’m not prejudiced, it’s just a joke.”
      Diminishing a person or group of persons through the use of a joke is a marvelous cover-up and is used by many people to diminish others while appearing not to. I’ll give Brian the benefit of the doubt and assume he’ll reflect upon this entry that he made.

      • Joshua Mercer

        Regarding the joke, Americans have, in jest, compared politicians to weasels for generations. This joke decided on another rodent. I have to say I’m a bit surprised by the thin skin regarding the use of the word “creature” which was obviously used to make the joke work. If a Democrat frustrated with the policies of George W. Bush had told this same joke in 2005, I would have laughed as well. The joke reminds me of the line: “99% of lawyers give the other 1% a bad name.” People laugh at these jokes because there is a kernel of truth underneath the joke. Telling jokes about lawyers or politicians is not even close to ethnic-based jokes. Period.

        • marv!!!

          Joshua, Brian’s post clearly was about President Obama. Are you saying that because the President is clearly a politician, that Brian’s joke was therefore morally acceptable?
          If Brian’s post had started with “an examination of the calendar for 2011 reveals that groundhog day and the Easter Address from Rome occur on the same day” would that then be morally acceptable simply because it isn’t “ethnic based?”

          • Joshua Mercer

            Yes, Marv. I think jokes that poke fun at politicians are okay, but ones that belittle spiritual leaders are not okay. As a Catholic, I would not tell jokes about the Dalai Lama. Or if such a joke were said, it would be one that would not trivialize him, his followers or their creed.

          • marv!!!

            You have an interesting set of values. So it’s ok to trivialize the leader of our nation but not ok to trivialize the leader of a religion.

          • Joshua Mercer

            Well, I also think this joke was good-natured fun and not really trivializing the President. But in general, yeah, a joke that might poke fun at an athlete or cab driver or a plumber might not be appropriate for a spiritual leader. Just common sense, I think.

  • Joseph G

    While there is nothing wrong with calling humans “creatures” as in the sense of “created things,” I must agree with the basic sentiments of the above posts which rightly point out the mean-spiritedness of the joke as it stands. Definitely not worthy of this otherwise excellent blog.

  • wowzers

    Is this site some brand of Catholic that isn’t Christian or Christ-like? Your post isn’t nice in any way or true for that matter. While you may not agree with the politics of President Obama, he is certainly intelligent. Catholics believe all persons are made in the image of God. People are not “creatures”.

    • Doug Jackson

      Can I answer that for you? It’s the hypocritical type of site. The hypocritical brand of Catholic that isnt very Christ like. You nailed it Wowzers! Good for you that you can see through it!

    • Jeff

      CREATURE: something created either animate or inanimate:

      People are indeed creatures. That’s what makes them so cool. We were CREATED by SOMEONE for SOMETHING.

      To be technically accurate, every creature is a being of limited intelligence, because only the uncreated source of creation is a being of unlimited intelligence.

  • Brian C

    There are many things that President Obama (or any of our former presidents) can rightly be criticized for, but being a creature of limited intelligence is not one of them. Would you find the joke equally humorous if it had been stated 8 years ago during the presidency of George W Bush? Change ‘creature of limited intelligence’ to ‘specifically chosen creature’ and make it about the state of the union address in general, and it is a great joke.



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