Group that makes the Eucharist a political football supports Kicanas {UPDATED}

UPDATE: No idea if the Rainbow Sash endorsement had anything to do with it, but this morning we found out that Kicanas lost the election to Archbishop Dolan of New York. Glory Hallelujah!

Shouldn’t this sort of thing torpedo his chances?

Rainbow Sash members prepare for Mass

Getting ready to make Mass a spectacle about them rather than the unbloody sacrifice of Calvary.

Thomas Peters introduced The Kicanas Conundrum the other day. Now, Matt Abbott over at RenewAmerica has the full text of the pdf the Rainbow Sash Coalition issued in support of Bishop Kicanas, in its full uneditid [sic] glory.

Some Choice bits:

Bishops are coming ’round to Kicanas because, “input is bubbling up from the pews of our parishes in support of such issues as Gay Marriage, and Pro Choice.”

Joe Murray, executive director of the Rainbow Sash Movement, said:

We believe that Bishop Kicanas follows in the footsteps of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernadine, and will lead the USCCB to a position of common ground on issues that are deeply dividing the US Catholic Church.

Funny how “common ground” to political left-wingers always means, “you evil, backward rubes finally come around to seeing things our way, or at least shut up and let us have our way.”

Murray continues:

Fundamentalist Bishops are trying to tag Bishop Kicanas as being very vulnerable in the area of clergy sexual abuse. I believe that to be a red herring. It may play to the fundamentalist such as Archbishop Chaput and Archbishop Dolan, it does not play well among more moderate and reasonable Catholics, and most of their Bishops. Following this logic could not the same claim be made of Cardinal Francis George current President of USCCB.

Moderate and reasonable Catholics. Like, you know, “us.”

Seriously. A group that makes the Eucharist, the “source and summit of the Christian life,” a political football; a group that has distinguished itself as one of the premeire and brash bodies of dissent within the Catholic Church, has endorsed one of the main candidates for the USCCB presidency.

And we’re not just talking dissent on levels of taxation, robustness of the welfare system, or which political issue is most important after defense-of-life issues here. We’re talking a radical dissent from the Church’s anthropology—what it means to be human, male and female—coupled with a disregard for the sanctity of THE central belief of our faith, the Eucharist.

This should set off more than just a few alarm bells in more than a couple bishops’ minds, no?



  • Phil

    We’re talking a radical dissent from the Church’s anthropology—what it means to be human, male and female

    Speaking of the Church’s views on what it means to be male and female, are there any good resources for reading about the Church position on humans who are intersex? I’m not talking about trans sexuality or homosexuality, but on persons who are born with biological traits of both genders? My priest and my former CCD teachers weren’t sure of the official position.

  • Bruce

    As an EMHC, the rainbow sashers receive only a blessing from me when they are in my line. It is very sad that they politicize Our Lord and Savior like this, putting their feelings and politics before God Himself. It is also sad that we have to literally protect the Ciborium, for they have reached in and taken Christ in the past in order to give Him to others. A very sad and blasphemous idea, indeed. However, the more they have done it over the years, the less it even grabs our attention anymore. We simply withhold Communion, they go back, and no one pays any them any mind anymore, except to pray for them. In a way, it is a wonderful teaching moment for the Church. We provide the truth with love to those who hate us.

  • JohnE

    Well, that is certainly an encouraging sign of hope:

  • JohnE

    “input is bubbling up from the pews of our parishes in support of such issues as Gay Marriage, and Pro Choice.”

    Actually that would be the smoke of Satan, and it stinks. There is no “common ground” on abortion and gay “marriage”. If the reasons such groups support Bishop Kicanas are warranted, then it will reflect the sorry state of the episcopacy in the U.S. if he is elected.



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