Habemus Papam! Pope Francis!

It’s incredible the surprises the Holy Spirit has in store for us!

The first non-european pope. A Jesuit who has chosen the name Francis. The first original pope name since Pope Lando in 914(!).

I know better than to form opinions so early — I’m in a euphoria of joy and excitement.

Let’s let the new pontiff speak in his own words to us:



“Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Good evening.

As you know, the duty of the conclave was to appoint a bishop of Rome, and it seems to me that my brother cardinals have chosen who is from far away. Here I am.

I would like to thank you for your embrace, also to the Roman Catholic Church and the bishops, thank you very much. And first and foremost, I would like to pray for our bishop emeritus, Benedict XVI

Let us pray together for him so that he is blessed by the Lord… [Our Father…][Hail Mary…][Glory be…]

Let us begin this journey together… this journey for the Roman Catholic Church. It is a journey of friendship, of love, of trust, and faith. Let us pray always for one another. Let us pray for the whole world. Let us have a big brotherhood.

I wish that this journey for the Church, which we will start today… will bear fruits for the evangelizing of this beautiful city.

I would like to offer you my blessing. But I would like to ask a favor first. I would like to pray to the Lord so that the prayer of the people blesses also the new pontiff. Let us pray in silence your prayer for me.”

Oh, and NEWS ALERT, MEDIA: the pope is still Catholic.

That is all from me for now. But more soon. Much more!

UPDATE — here is the 15 minute video of his first appearance:


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  • Rich Ketter

    May you take the occasion of the election of the Pope to return to the full communion with the Church – where you have to love your neighbor and not just your causes.

  • Michelle

    Priest are sometimes members of certain orders, and the character of that order is an influence on their formation or a reflection of their beliefs. Society of Jesus was founded in the 1400’s, and has beautiful history. From what I’ve seen, Jesuit schools notoriously have excellent educational standards and students seems to have a life long loyalty to the Jesuit order and each other.

    • Rich Ketter

      SJs often honor a wide variety of undertanding of Good Catholic thought.

  • http://www.truthandcharity.net Micah Murphy

    Panda, the Jesuits were a great order when founded, but in many places have slipped into a lot of heresy in recent decades. That he’s a Jesuit faithful to the Church’s teaching is remarkable, and that he’s the first Jesuit pope is interesting, too, since they’ve long had a lot of influence, but never had the papacy.

    • Rich Ketter

      Heresy? No more than Gallileo – Oh, wait has this website understood that he not a heretic anymore.
      The orde, as many, have chosen to do the work of the church rather than be bishops and popes. However, they go whereever they needed most, and Rome could qualify as mission territory in need of the Gospel message.

  • torzsmokus

    actually, he is not the first non-European pope. maybe the first outside Europe and the Mediterraneum.

    God bless Pope Francis!

  • Panda Rosa

    As a Presbyterian, I do not understand all the fuss about Jesuits? Can anyone set me straight?

    • Wtrmute

      Nothing, except that he is the first of that order to be elected Supreme Pontiff. The Jesuits are an important order, running several important schools and universities around the world; they also were instrumental in evangelising the old Spanish and Portuguese colonial empires, which gave us some of the largest Catholic countries today: Mexico, Brazil, Philippines. This is a joyful day for the Society of Jesus!

      • Bryonluu

        Another important thing is that the Jesuits, when they take their final vows, make additional private vows, one of which is that they will not aspire to any sort of ecclesiastical dignitary positions in the Church (and will accept the position of bishops only when command to do so by the Holy Father, whom they vowed special obedience to). So in general, when we see a Jesuit bishop (let alone a Jesuit Pope), it is usually understood as him responding to a greater need than his own ambition for power. Jesuits tend to prefer working behind the scene rather than in the limelight. Their charism is one of service rather than position.

    • http://CatholicReligionTeacher.com Greg Aitchison

      The Jesuits were originally very well known to give complete obedience to the pope. However, for whatever reason, some Jesuits in the last half of a century have strayed from orthodox Catholic teaching and have lessened the full catholicity of some of their colleges – especially in the U.S. While there are still many very faithful Jesuits, some have given their order a bad rap. I think people are excited and relieved to see a Jesuit pope that fully believes the teachings of the Church.

    • Rich Ketter

      As a Pesbyterian, you would be quicker to be embraced by the Jesuits quicker than many on this website. They understand without the limitations that some try to place on him



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